Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas: Living Room

I am sharing the living room (aka family room) this evening. This is the room we live in!

My goal this year was to decorate simply and buy nothing new. I needed to be simple this year because of the busy month I will be having moving Mama, selling her house, etc.

I was determined also to buy anything new, because quite frankly I have tons and you can get carried away while looking at blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest. Enough said!

So without further adieu, I am sharing the living room. I went simple this year. Just felt simple was the thing for this year. 

My sweet little reindeer was given to me by my mother-in-law a very long time ago. It is truly one of favorite Christmas decorations.

The Christmas tins were gifts from students probably very close to 30 years ago. They were all the rage then. I got lots, but somehow these two were favorites and I still have them. I added them to the shelves, but felt this side needed some red. Couldn't quite find anything to do the trick, so I did purchase the lantern at AC Moore and added the ribbon.

The reindeer is another oldie. Just really like him.

I took a cross stitched fish off the wall and replaced it with my country Christmas stitching.

I did place votives around the room. Hubby and I are enjoying the evening in the ambience of a candlelit room.

My sweet Lucy on the couch.

My favorite spot. Cross stitching is sitting on the table ready to work on.

Gotta get busy on my January cottage.

Another shot of the sweet thing. She stayed on the couch all the while I cleaned the room.

Sweet Lemony showed up just as I had completed mopping. She wanted to leave paw prints on the floor.

My so called formal areas will be shared tomorrow. 

I only decorated the upper level this year. I usually put a tree up in the big room downstairs with colored lights, but since no one has really gone downstairs since Paul Allen moved out, I decided to pass this year. I love to go down and read there, so I will probably enjoy the calm of the downstairs.


  1. I love your decorations.We used to have a reindeer like that one but I think I tossed it one year when I was in a throwing away mood. And that Country Christmas is too cute. I am working on Santa's Night by Prairie Schooler. It is stitched on black aida. It is different! I will share a picture of the work in progress this week. Maybe it will be done by next Christmas. I really think all my extra cross stitching this year has helped me to calm down and accomplish more things!! I was trying to remember if I bought anything new this year? But other than a 31 bag with a Christmas tree on it, I think not. I have already received a few happies that I plan to share on the blog as well. My quiet place is here in my bedroom in my comfy chair where I read all my blogs each morning. It is good to have a little nest of your own!!

    1. Everyone needs a quiet spot. I am really enjoying my stitching time as well. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.


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