Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Phrase for 2016

Last year, I decided upon a phrase to guide me for 2015. I really can't top it! No need to even try!!!

2015's phrase was "Count Your Blessings." In light of what I had learned the previous year, I decided to focus on the positives in my life. 

It was truly a great phrase, and I reminded myself daily of that this past year. It will be a mantra for life not just 2015.

So here it is time for 2016, and I have been soul searching for something as spectacular.

I have a phrase this year, but it is not so earth shattering. My phrase for this year will be...


Are you thinking Nike swoosh?

Yea, me too.

I procrastinate by nature.  When I was younger, I would often wait to the last minute to get down and dirty on a project. I spent lots of time thinking about it, but not really breaking it down and doing things all along. I still do that maybe not to the extent of my youth, but waiting until it is a mountain or until everything is just so so to start. This year I am going to try and quit the game waiting until things are just so so to get started. I am hoping to get more accomplished by breaking things into smaller chunks and using whatever time I have to get something done. 

I have put off learning to smock because I don't have time, but I am going to start with small steps. 
Watch some videos to start. 
Just break it down to steps. 
Maybe just getting my materials for it together one day, 
then trying a few stitches. 

I did see that work a bit this year with getting my house back in order. It was the baby steps that took place over months that made the difference.

So, for 2016, I will continue to count my blessings, but I will take those things on my list and ...

Just do it or at least do something!



  1. I did smocking when Amelia was little but found with the grand girls I could buy the dresses cheaper.lol..Plus Cross stitch is my relaxation. Smocking is not hard, anyone who does hand sewing should be able to JUST DO IT!!lol

  2. What a great idea to have a phrase-of-the-year! Much more encompassing than a specific resolution. I like "Just do it" for many different projects. Top it off with some black-eyed peas for good luck, and Happy 2016 to you!

    Leslie Anne

    1. Yes, I have blacked-eyed peas on the menu. Happy 2016 to you!


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