Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas: My So Called Formal Areas

I call this my so called formal areas, because the design of the house was that there be a formal living room. My mother-in-law had the most spectacular Victorian furniture in this area. That is not us. We are a casual family and at the move in time there were two teenagers. Since there is a big room with seating downstairs and a living room on the back with the water, we knew we would never ever walk in the so called front sitting room. Thus, we have a pool table. That is us to a T!

Without further adieu, the foyer.

Into the home on the right you will see our pool room.

Mr. Bunny got a red ribbon.

In the entrance hallway leading all the way to the living room, we have our Auburn tree. Last year was the first year I actually went with a separate Auburn tree, but we had so many ornaments, I decided to devote them to one tree. With the help of my daughter, I used one of my slender green trees and did orange and blue lights mixed. I really wasn't satisfied, so this year I used the tree I used to use in my daughter's bedroom. I plan to make an awesome tree skirt by next year.

You see that front door in the background. Next time you see it, it will be a different color. I have not been set on it since I put the darker blue around the glass. My son was adamant that it looked awful. I fear he was right. I went in search of a new color and decided to take into account the stain glass that is in the foyer. I have a lighter blue. I will be painting it soon.

The new color will match the blue in the oval of the stained glass.

Back to the Auburn tree.

 Now, into the dining room. My Willowtree Nativity  is displayed here. I went simple with nothing else there with it. I have asked for one more set of things to go with it and that is the camel set of animals. I don't particularly like the barn that goes with the set.

I added a little ribbon to the sconces this year. I really like that.

While I was busy setting up on Saturday, I set the table to give you an idea of what it will look like on Christmas Eve. We really do eat on the china. I think at least one day a year should be special and certainly celebrating our Lord and Savior should bring out the best. This is what we consider our Christmas china. I used to do more of those meals, and I am really trying to get back into that groove.

The only difference on Christmas Eve is that there will be a table cloth and more place settings squeezed in around the table. We squeeze in and sit close, but we love it. I have all the food in the kitchen, so only eating in here.

A close up of the awesome candle sticks. I found them last year at a wonderful store in Dadeville, Alabama called The Plantation House. 

View from the landing.

View to the landing

Tomorrow, I will share the kitchen and sewing room. That will wrap up the inside. I went very small this year. No bedrooms or downstairs. Maybe I will capture a bit of the front yard.

As I look around at the craziness of the world, these moments we capture with family around a dinner table are all the more important.



  1. I just love your elegant!! And I have the Willow Tree Nativity as well. When my Daddy died he left each of us girls something to spend for something we wanted. Well I had always wanted one of these so I got the set and I just LOVE it and it reminds me of my Daddy. I think you did just enough..everything is lovely, especially your dining room table. Sometimes I miss having a bigger house but we all just squeeze in together and enjoy being together and that is the most important thing.

    1. Thanks! Squeezing in and family is definitely the big thing. It is great to have those pieces when we put them out that bring back sweet memories.


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