Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to My Blogging World

The most wonderful day of the year finds me relaxing and being so grateful for my many blessings. I love waking up on Christmas morning and thinking about how blessed I am to have been raised in a Christian home and to know the love of my Savior.

Hubby added a few new pieces to my Nativity. I will ask for the stable and angel next year. I love the simplicity of this set!

I am finding a moment to relax by myself. The boys are playing a few holes of golf to try out a new club. Mama is busy at her new home near me!!!! preparing a Christmas lunch for us. She is happy, and that makes me happy. I have to share my daughter with her hubby's family, but that is a good thing too. I pray my son finds a wonderful Christian girl too one day. One step at a time though, for now, I will be happy that he is making better choices these days.

The table set yesterday for Christmas Eve supper.

Yes, there is one different. This set of china is what we use each year for Christmas Eve, but the family is growing, so I had to throw one in from my china, and we are squeezing in.

We have Christmas Eve dinner at our house each year. The menu has been basically the same for the last 30 some odd years. 
It consists of steak, potato soup in a bread bowl (once was baked potatoes), salad, my pound cake with strawberries and real shipped cream. We added something extra this year. Jeff came by some crab claws so those were added. Messy:(

It was all delicious, but being around the table with my family is the best!!!!!!!! I was going to share a photo of the family around the table, but figured they might shoot me as I didn't tell anyone I was taking a photo and they are all putting food in their mouths. It was quite funny.

I will share a few of us opening presents though.

Aunt Donna and Lindsay with sandals on to remind us of how warm this Christmas has been.

Uncle Al, Mama, and Tyler

Jeff and Paul Allen AND my lightless tree.

Everyone loved all of their gifts. I loved mine especially. I asked for gift cards to my favorite clothing store, Talbots,  for all my weight loss. I still have a bit to go, so I don't want to spend too much until I get it ALL off. Jeff couldn't do that, so I got a pair of jeans and casual top and a pair of dressier pants with a sweater in my new current size. I will not look like a refugee for another month. I did get two gift cards for later. My goal is to have a whole bunch of clothes to sell in another month or two.

Y'all, one of my most incredible blessings is my health. I am still feeling so much better. Everyone is noticing my energy level and lack of pain. With all these rainy days, I am doing so well. Praise the Lord!!! 

Bonus: I have gone from a 14 Petite to a 12 Petite and I am still trying to lose a bit more. I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! 

Hubby, Son, and I are headed to Mama's in a little while for Christmas dinner, so one more picture for the road.

In all my distress about my tree, I didn't take the annual picture of my kiddos in front of the tree. I can't believe I did that, but we were at my daughter's house two nights ago, and I snapped this one. It will have to suffice for this year.

I will be back in a few with my goals for the new year.

Everyone  enjoy that family today!


  1. Another Christmas for the books...we had our two here for about 2 hours this afternoon. The grands wanted to go home to play with their loot and I understand that. Ben and Katy are traveling to Bham in the rain and there are Tornado warnings. Praying they arrive home safely. I am ready for some sunshine myself. I sent home most of the Christmas goodies with the children. Less to tempt me but really this year, I have not been too tempted. I know how far I have to walk to walk it forward to seeing you in your new duds. I gifted some of my bigger sizes to my sister. I am now wearing a Medium in many things which is great!! Merry Christmas Sandy!!

    1. I am with you on the temptations being less. I am so excited about the smaller sizes! I never thought I would be back in a medium top that I am plum giddy. Looking forward to sunshine even if brings cooler temps. I am going to step up my exercising this year and looking forward to it. I am forcing myself to wait until tomorrow to take the tree down. I was raised with leaving it to New Year's Day, but never was able to do it while I was teaching. I always wanted everything to be in order by the New Year. Now, I can't seem to break that habit.
      Hoping for safe travels and no flooding for anyone.


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