Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Another Random Post

I am done with my shopping and almost done with the wrapping. My plan is to not leave the house tomorrow unless it is to go and help Mama with things. She is staying at her new place the remainder of the week. We will try and go finish up next week at her place in Brewton. Then....PRAY for a quick sale.

Her new place is adorable. She has been trying to work around being sick. I can't get that woman to rest like she is supposed to. I am afraid we will be back at the doctor's next week. Only then will she listen. I am giving you a small sneak peak at her new home. When she gets better and gets it looking like she wants it, I will give a full tour.

The second bedroom.

The dining and living room are one big open space. The piano is kind of in the middle. I did play one of my five songs that I know. "Away in a Manger"

We got her tree up so she would feel at home.

I feel like I have done nothing but go to parties this Christmas and move Mama. I am kind of partied out and ready to just be with family, but I will share a few pictures from one we went to last night.

The couple's (Tommy and Leann) home that I snapped a few pictures from is a very cool home. Both are super talented and creative people. Tommy made the cross for my daughter's wedding. 

So, as you can see, he is very talented.
He has all kinds of stumps made into tables and decorative items around his home. I snapped a few pictures with the decorations that Leann added to them last night.

Tommy had gathered cedar trees from his hunting camp to line the porches of their home.

Another stump that is mounted on the outside of their home.

Just a cute picture of the many food tables everywhere.

This picture does not capture the top of the cabinet. It is a piece from a cedar tree retrieved from the bottom of the Choctawhatchee River. It is AMAZING.

This is on their back porch. It is gorgeous. 
I didn't take any pictures on the inside, but trust me everything was just as cool.

I will be home most of tomorrow or at least that is my plan. I have done no baking since I am on my diet. I do plan to bake a little tomorrow, but not eat it. I may allow myself to have a small portion, but until I meet that goal weight, I am staying strong.

Along those lines, I am not believing how much better I feel. 

I also learned a lesson that I am none too happy about.
I will never buy any Christmas decoration that is prelit.

I have not shared the outside as I said I would mainly because I have been so busy and secondly because the lights on my wonderful prelit wreaths went out last week. Hubby did a quick fix and just spot lights on them. That worked and I may or may not try to fix them before I store them away this year...

BUT THE BIGGIE happened this evening. The lights on our living room tree went kaput. I have tried everything known to man to remedy the situation. It is done for.

What is a tree without lights?! We do the family celebration at our house and I am lightless. I don't even feel like I got to enjoy it because I have been so busy. Hubby has offered to help me take it all off and go get a real tree, but I just don't know if I have the energy to do all that. I will go back to a real tree next year and string my lights.


This tree sucked me in last year, because it looked so real. Well, so much for that.

I will most likely just look for a way to add some lights around the room for Christmas Eve and let it go this year. It has been a crazy month anyway, but I am so glad to have Mama close. Just to know she is two minutes away is worth the hectic month. Praying she gets over the pneumonia and doesn't go back into the sinus issues we had for six months last year. That will be my Christmas wish.

Blessed even though my tree lights went dim,

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  1. Merry Christmas Sandy. I do not know how you have accomplished so much in the last month!! I am like you, a Christmas tree is not a Christmas Tree without lights!! Boo Hiss. I look forward to seeing more pictures of your mom's new place. And I admire you for sticking to your diet. I am trying to not gain any weight and just maintain over the next few days. Back to my walking regimen on Saturday. I have let it slide a bit with the rain and taking care of grands. My Fitbit makes me a bit OCD so I have to tell myself it is ok to take a break at the holidays. I am taking a blog break until Monday!


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