Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Tree 2015 and More

I am popping in this morning with just a few pics and an update. I have been CRAZY busy this past week, and my cleaning schedule has been turned upside down. Therefore, I can't show too many pictures of my Christmas. I guess I could show real life, but I do too much of that already, so my mission today is to get the main level picked up and Lemony's golden hair vacuumed up.

I will show a few of the tree in the family room. 
I will share more at a different time of the day when I can get better shots.

The sand dollars are from our very first tree. I went downtown and bought them, and added ribbon. I had pulled out a Christmas tree picture from Southern Living and tried to replicate it. It had light blue satin ribbon as a garland, and lots of natural items. That tree is still one of my favorites. The blue worked well in our first home because our furniture was blue. Remember those 80's.

I have several of these homemade ornaments. I think I got them at the Elberta Sausage Festival way back then also. I miss those crafty fairs of the 80's. So many really nifty homemade things. I don't see so much of that at the festivals anymore.

One of my favorites. I have three of the ornaments from my earliest childhood days.

These ornaments are easily visible on a Christmas tree when I was three. I was standing in front it. It was a tabletop tree. We were in Germany, and there has never been a prettier tree.
Sometimes simple is everything!

Just one of my favorites.

A dear friend made the one above. It is my daughter's wedding invitation.

A very special one gifted to me by my daughter. She knows me so well.

Oh my love, Hubby gave me this one the Christmas after we were engaged.

Ok, I am stopping. I love all ornaments. I added the poinsettias last year for the first time. I really like those too.

A little peek from Lemony. How could someone so cute and lovable put out so much hair. Goldens shed A LOT!!!

Christmas picture books ended up by the tree this year. The first one is The Night Before Christmas.
It is from my childhood.

A little covering up of the plugs.

I am off to a Christmas brunch this morning and then immediately back home to turn my cleaning schedule right side up, because this next week is going to be nuts as well.

I spent yesterday at Mama's packing. We will move her furniture here on Thursday, and then figure out what to do with the rest. After church tomorrow, I am sending the kids up to see what they might want. 

busy, busy, busy....

I am going to share what I am wearing to the brunch this morning. 

I was no where near ready for the snap, but oh well, I have never been good at selfies.

Note, I just walked outside with the dogs, and it is brrr cold. I had to go back in and change jeans. I put on some longer boot cut ones so I could wear socks!!!

Blessings to y'all.


  1. Love your ornaments...I always find it interesting what ornaments are special to friends! And congrats on the selfie. If I really look like my selfies..I am in big trouble.:) We had a Saturday with the Sisters this morning at church as well. A chef from a fancy Huntsville restaurant showed us how to make three appetizers and they were all delish! I even won a poinsettia!

    1. Oh, I love poinsettias. Always a good gift or door prize. The event sounds fun, too.
      I have been a cleaning machine today and taking pictures as I cleaned up a room! I will be able to share next week.


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