Sunday, December 27, 2015

Depth to My Bible Studying

As I read finished my reading through the Bible this year, I kept a list of things that I wanted to delve into a little deeper. You can read about my reading through the Bible here and here.

One of those things was the book of Daniel. While Daniel doesn't have a wealth of verses to write down and quote as promises, it has a wealth of information in its stories. Daniel and his friends paint a perfect picture of obedience to God and His ways. Time and time again they swam against the current protected by God for their faithfulness. Kings gave us a clear vision of what happens when they chose to ignore the Most High God.

I have used a commentary, The Bible Exposition Commentary, by Warren W. Wiersbe, to guide my going back through this book. I was reading Chapter 5 and was quite struck by the times we are in and their similarities to current events.

Very quick and simple version!!!
The king in Chapter 5 is Belshazzar. The king is dining while the armies of Medes and Persia are encamped around the city, but he is indifferent and orders the servants to bring in the consecrated vessels taken from the temple.  While they are in the dining hall, the fingers of a human hand appears to write something on the wall. No one can interpret the writings. The queen enters and tells him that Daniel can interpret it. Daniel is called and does indeed tell the king what the writing says. He reminds the king that he has not honored God and well... history shows us what happens when we forget to give God honor and praise. The chapter ends with the king's demise that very night

The commentary had this quote from a Dr. Harry Rimmer.
"The world has always had its great cities, its mighty empires, and its powerful dictators, but the Most High God still reigns in heaven and on the earth and accomplishes His purposes. No nation, leader, or individual citizen can long resist Almighty God and win the battle."

The commentary finishes with this thought on Chapter 5...
"Belshazzar forgot the Word of God and the lessons of history and lost his kingdom and his life. May we not make the same mistakes today!"

It seems our great nation is at that point today. I feel so honored to be an American. My father-in-law and my dad served this country in the military. My father-in-law went into Normandy on June 7th. It was not a pretty sight. If my dad has not succumbed to cancer, he would have gone to Vietnam at its very worst. I was taught to love this great country in school and have truly lived the AMERICAN DREAM. 

I think it is time for Christians in America to fall on their knees and pray for this nation. He still hears us and might just give us a reprieve of time to lead more to Him.

That is my two-cents.

On studying and digging deeper into His Word, I want to continue to do more of that in this new year. I have always read, but that digging deeper, I have committed to keep that up.

Things that helped me this past year...

#1. Trying to find that specific time to do it... but, giving myself grace when that time of day doesn't work out.

#2. Journaling when something really strikes me as worthy of  remembering.

#3. Writing my prayer requests on a index card to keep in my Bible. I know prayer is more than just a list of requests, but I think God really does want to hear my prayers for others!

#4. I have also kept a pretty notebook adding my favorite verses and song lyrics to look back and reflect.

#5. This year, I am going to continue with the app I have been using called First 5. I love it! I am going to finish Daniel, then use their app to dig deeper in the passages that they teach about on the app. So far, they have covered, John, Genesis, and Matthew. Can't wait to see what's next.

Striving to continue to grow in my knowledge of Him and His Word,


  1. I am waiting to get my new Bible that was a Christmas gift that takes a while to get here. I will start using it with my Bible Study with Dr McGee. I find the days I miss getting on the Bible Bus, as they say on that radio program, I miss it very much and my attitude often reflects it. I am getting my house back in order soon. I am ready for the new year and a clean slate.

    1. I like the Bible Bus. So true...He really wants us in His Word.
      Love New Year's. When I taught school, I felt like I got two new starts each year. One at the beginning of school and then at New Year's. Not a bad deal:)


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