Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Catching Up

This is old news, but I didn't get to share it last week when my computer was getting repaired.

I joined the library. I was so excited, because---

Apparently I was late to this news... you don't have to be a city resident to join anymore. Years ago, you had to live in the city limits to join, but my area has crazy zoning -like, I mean crazy. You can live on a street and one side is in and the other side is not kind of crazy.

Now, my friends tell me now that it changed years ago. In fact now, all of the libraries in our county are linked and I can go to any of the locations. I can search online and if they have  a book at any of the libraries you can request it to be waiting on you at the one you want to pick it up at. I love it. I love real books. Well, I like my kindle too.

This should save me some money too.

I love the library. I specifically remember when we moved from the country into town and I could go to the public library. I was starting 6th grade and simply loved to be dropped off there. It is sort of like the fabric store for me. I can loose total track of time in both.

Did anyone live in a rural area growing up and have the book mobile come to your school? That is how we got books in my elementary school. We loved to have it visit because that meant a whole new case of books. I think it somewhat like the book sales they have at elementary schools now for fundraising. The big cases rolled in and excitement built. I loved the book mobile. I also loved ordering books from the Weekly Reader forms.

After I had a lovely visit to the library last week, I was headed to the grocery store and stopped at a red light. You could turn right on red, so I was easing up to see if I could turn.

Big truck was blocking my view,
when wham big truck hits me from behind.
That is why I drive a big truck.
I WANT MY VEHICLE TO BE THE BIGGEST ON THE ROAD, since I seem to be a magnet for people running into me.
This time they had insurance and I was ok. Just sore in the shoulders. I can't even take it in for repairs until next week because they are behind.

I am not going to complain though, even if I sounded like I was. I am fine and can drive it now.

Now, a quick picture of my stitching progress on a fall piece. I need some stitching time and some time in my sewing room.

I thought everyone might like to see a Gus picture. Puppies can lighten a day for sure and the night. He is up at midnight and 4:00 AM.

Lemony, the Golden is being just that...golden. She allowed him to crawl over her yesterday.

Gus needs to do more this at night.
Playful and adorable he is.



  1. So glad you are ok Sandy!! I am glad you drive a truck!! And yes, I remember the book mobile coming to our school. We had a small library but the book mobile was such a treat. I was just at the library yesterday. I got Adriana Trigani's new book, Kiss Carlo along with two other new books. They will be going to Grimmwood this weekend. That Gus is just adorable...I know he is bringing a lot of joy to your household.

    1. He is so cute, but I knew it would be hard for awhile. Lots of training to do. We are working on getting him to like the kennel. He isn't afraid of it, just not necessarily wanting to be left just yet. A puppy is so cute though.

  2. Sorry to read about the accident; glad you are okay. Gus is a cutie and he will get accustomed to his kennel. Your stitched piece is looking good; very pretty fall colors.

    1. Thanks Robin, having a puppy around is work, but he is so cute. He is just so happy and bounces around everywhere.


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