Sunday, August 6, 2017

Stitching and Gus

A stitching finish...

This was the first of four autumn smalls from the October 2015 Just Cross Stitch magazine. I plan to do little pillows for a basket with them. This one struck me as the September piece of all of them where the leaves are just beginning to turn colors. I didn't think the picture did it justice. The coloring in real life is really pretty. I have some really pretty leaf fabric, and I am going to give that cording thing a whirl this week. 

I did finish the other two things from last week that I was fretting over. 

I think I am going to find a place for this one in my sewing room.

This one just got a backing from the red fabric. I decided that was enough.

Now ---- puppy pictures. 
Everyone can be cheered up from sleeping puppies. 

He is just as cute awake. He is such a happy puppy. Plays hard and then just collapses.

Hope you enjoyed the sweetness,


  1. Cant wait to see all your autumn smalls. I started Barnyard Christmas by Prairie Schooler that I plan to take to Grimmwood. Love your finishes...isnt it fun to be able to finish them yourself and save some $$$$. That Gus almost makes me want a dog. I better get off this page!!

    1. I am enjoying the little seasonal pieces without the expense.
      Gus is so sweet, Arlene. I think I got lucky and got a good one. He is so happy and been easy to train thus far. They are a lot of work, that is why I knew I couldn't do it much later in life. At that point, this dog lover will have to enjoy grand-dogs. Lemony is taking to him as well.

  2. Gus is a cutie. Glad that Lemony is adjusting to the pup. Congratulations on your finishes -- the fall piece and the finished in final form ones! I look forward to see the other fall smalls that you stitch up.

    1. Thanks Robin. I started a new fall piece last night. This one is sunflowers.

  3. Cuteness overload with that little fellow! Don't you just love the way puppies stretch out when they sleep?
    Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse


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