Friday, August 4, 2017

The Journey of a Faith-filled Life

I hadn't really planned to post this Friday morning. I had nothing new to share, but then I felt led to share something from my Bible study time yesterday morning.

It is rather long and no pictures, so I"ll let you decide if you want to continue.

I have shared before that I keep a written journal. It is mostly for inspirational thoughts that come from my Bible study and a place to share those moments you need to get off your chest that are just really personal. I found journaling really walked me through a tough time a few years ago.

I have been reading two books that are study related. I am actually reading 4 books...don't judge. It works for me.

One of the books is Priscilla Shirer's, Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God Speaks which actually has a video that goes along with it. I have not purchased the video. I was sort of previewing it for a group study later. I have loved it even without the video. Priscilla is a great speaker so I know the videos would only add to it.

The other book is Finding God's Path Through Your Trials: His Help for Every Difficulty You Face by Elizabeth George. This was a recommendation by Mrs. T at the blog Across My Kitchen Table.
I ordered it but procrastinated reading it even though I knew I needed it. I wondered if it would only make me feel sadder.

You see I have let myself get down this summer about something and it has really gnawed at me.

I am going to be straight up honest, because I know even a long time faithful Christian woman can still have moments. I just felt like God was listening and had just quit working on this situation. I can tell you I knew better, but I was letting the emotions get to me.

I have chosen to read each of these books one chapter or one lesson a day along with my First 5 App Bible study which believe it or not started Job this week.

God has spoken mightily as I have delved into these books. He has put me in my place on the emotional side.

The piece that I am going to share is what transpired over the course of my reading yesterday and I journaled it, mulled it over all day, and felt I would share this morning.

Sorry it took so long to get to this point...

I will give you a brief overview, not the three pages I journaled.

In the day's reading of Priscilla Shirer's book, it talked of how the Word is used to hear God, using several statements such as...

  • Anything God's spirit reveals to you will always match up with what is in the Bible.
  • It is the living Word of God. When we read it, the Holy Spirit applies it to our particular situation regardless of how specific and personal it is.
  • If I need God's direction regarding a particular situation, I ask the Lord for confirmation through His Word before moving forward.
  • The Scripture you have hidden in your heart, the more opportunity He will have to bring it to your mind and direct you. Our goal should be to saturate ourselves in His word.
At the end of the day's reading, she had six verses which you were to choose 2 to meditate on for the next 7 days. 

I chose this as one of them... REMEMBER it for a little later in my story.

Psalms 27:13-14
13 I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord
In the land of the living.
14 Wait for the Lord;
Be strong and let your heart take courage;
Yes, wait for the Lord.

I got to my other book and the last paragraph from the chapter titled "Strengthening Your Staying Power." Boy, have I needed some staying power on this particular thing that has been troubling me. In the last paragraph, she summed up that  power with what....? on yes, the above verse.

"I would have lost heart, unless I believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."

God showed up yesterday and reminded me that even though I can't see it He is working and I need to hold on, because His timing is not my timing. He is in control. I just need to be wait, be strong, and let my heart take courage.

Hopefully my struggle touches someone else that needed to be reminded like I did yesterday.

Striving to walk faithfully,


  1. Thanks for sharing this verse today Sandy! A friend and I were talking about a trial she is going thru and this verse is perfect for her!

    1. Life isn't always easy, but thankfully we have the Lord.

  2. Thank you for sharing this post and the verse from Psalms. I am often reminded that his time is not always what I consider my time frame.

  3. This is a wonderful post, Sandy. I tried to comment on it while on vacation, but my comment ended up disappearing.

    I was so blessed to read how the Lord gave you insight and guidance for your quiet time to help you deal with what you've been struggling with.

    I have come to see that some of the most difficult trials in my own life have been designed to help me grow in those same important areas of perseverance and staying power...

    1. Thanks Mrs. T. I am so glad you suggested the book as well. I have really enjoyed it and as only the Lord can orchestrate it has been just what I needed. I will read something and it fits closely with my Bible reading that day. I know the Lord is listening and I will come out stronger for it.


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