Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Sneak Peek

We closed on our vacation home, second home, Auburn house,...not sure what we will call it. If you have followed along lately, you know we sold our cabin near Auburn on Lake Martin and have our farm up for sale in north Florida. (trying to scale back) We will continue to live in a wonderful home on the Gulf Coast of Florida, but we will use this new home as a getaway place.

Today was the day to finalize the papers. We will be traveling up on Friday to move the cabin furniture which has been in storage for a couple of weeks into the new place. I have just been itching to share it with y'all. 

The following photos are realtor photos, so I am only sharing the outside for now. Lots more to come.

The neighborhood contains homes similar to ours, but this one has been my favorite for some time. We have hoped to get into this neighborhood for quite a while now.

Don't you love those blue ceilings on the porch? or can you see them? Well, they are there. 

The neighborhood has sidewalks and a commons area for the dogs as well as a great side and backyard for them.

There are two small areas for sitting on the right side of the house. This one below will be where we place the patio furniture that was on our screened porch at the lake, although I love the former owners' blue chairs.

This other little area is my favorite though. I will be putting the black rocking chairs that once graced the front porch of the cabin. I envision this as my little place to just sit, think, and relax.

I can't wait to share more next week. 

Of course, besides being such a quiet little street really very close to the heart of Auburn it is walking distance to the stadium. A long walk, but doable.
Oh, and walking distance to my very favorite restaurant, Acre. I will need to walk if I eat there too much.

To close out this post...

Have you ever seen a longer tongue than Gus's? Lemony has a black spot on her tongue. I have seen lots of Goldens with the mark if you are wondering!
We take them to run most days. We have a tennis ball slinger which wears them out. 

Be back later in the week with a stitching post,


  1. I can see a bit of the blue ceiling on the second floor porch. Love blue ceilings on porches ... my grandmother's porch had one.

    The house is lovely and how nice that you are already planning out your own quiet little place to sit, think, and relax. We need that!

    Thanks for sharing this sneak peek of the house with us!!

  2. What a lovely getaway home! I saw a snippet of the blue ceiling. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing how you make it yours. Love the picture of Lemony and Gus!

  3. Sandy, I absolutely love your new vacation home. I could live there all year round. It looks like a very peaceful and pretty neighborhood. I noticed the owners had an Auburn flag waving (you will need to get one too living in Auburn land). And, I bet those dark blue chairs were Auburn inspired too. I'm guessing your new neighborhood will all "War Eagle" fans. Best wishes in such a lovely place to escape to. RJ

  4. The new home looks gorgeous and I can envision your sit, think, and relax place. I have one of those places myself and it is glorious.

  5. I'm so happy for you! It's beautiful and you'll enjoy spending time there! Love your dogs! Hugs!

  6. What a beautiful house! I look forward to more pictures!

  7. It looks as though God blessed you with the perfect home for Football season. And it is lovely any time of the year, I am sure. I may have to drive down and visit you there!!

  8. Exciting times for you! It is a charming home and sounds like a great neighborhood. All the best with settling in...

  9. Sandy: Lovely new home, looking forward to seeing more photos.
    Had to sign as anonymous, I am I Love To Stitch.


  10. How pretty--and not one porch, but, two!! I also have a blue ceiling on my front porch, Sandy, and just love it. Sure wish it would cool down so I could spend more time sitting out there. Best of luck as you move things in--it's always fun to really make a home your own :)

  11. Sandy, your new home is gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see more. This house has so much charm, I love the porches!!
    I painted the ceiling of my tiny front porch Palladian Blue by BM. I love the haint blue ceilings that you see in the South. I hope you spend many an hour enjoying your porches and patio!

  12. I’m so excited for you, Sandy. Your new home is just beautiful. Judy


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