Friday, July 13, 2018

A Stitching Post

I have spent the week just being home, no rushing around; just puttering, thinking about things I want to do, cross stitching. I have ignored a whole lot of Lemony hair. She is in full on shed mode. I have ignored lots of things, but I have given myself some much needed time to regroup.

I did something I don't do well. I stitched on something different each day. On Monday, I did go through my patterns and kit up some upcoming projects and move some to the back burner. Most of the things moved to the back burner were patriotic things. I hope to do better before next summer on those.

I picked out six things to stitch on each day.

They were...

Autumn - this is my monochromatic series in which I have done spring and summer.

Christmas ornaments - in my cleaning out earlier I found this very old magazine that I had LOTS of things I wanted to do in it. In fact, when Carol of Stitching Dreams did this one I knew right where she had gotten it from. Seems someone else has an old stash of patterns. BH&G Christmas Cross Stitch December 1992. I want to do all of these, but I started the half window. That window reminds me of the house we lived in prior to our present home. We built that home and brought our children home from the hospital to it. We lived there until they were in middle school.

School House series - I have wanted to do this one forever. I have actually started it and played around with it for quite a while. It is supposed to be one over one. I simply can't get the house to look like I want it doing it one over one. I have practiced and practiced. I am not giving up on one over one, but this one is not the one to do it on FOR ME. I simply love this series, so I am following my heart and doing it on 28 count even though it will be larger. I have actually paid tons of attention on Instagram to many have done this. I haven't liked it even when I saw it done by others with one over one. I think maybe doing it on 40 count over two with one strand would be better. OH WELL, isn't it wonderful that we can all be ourselves. I think as much as I love this pattern that doing it larger will suit me just fine. I will however do something else later with the smaller count stuff.

This series should take me all this year...hopefully ready for display by next August.

Space shuttle - this one is one I have had forever. I would love to do the whole series, but have chosen to start with the shuttle since I will probably never get all of them done. Even if I did, where would I put them? I decided on the shuttle since all of teaching career I taught about the shuttle. I am really enjoying stitching this one thus far.

Helen Keller - I saw this one on Instagram and even though I have been keeping a wish list rather that buying everything I have seen out there that is so great, I KNEW I had to have this immediately. I love Helen Keller. Some of my most famous quotes are attributed to her. I have to do some frogging on this...sigh, but I can't wait to get back to this one. One thing I changed was that I had planned to just use DMC. I started it out with that and THIS one is one that simply must be done with the called for colors, so she has been started over with the new colors plus I made a mistake.

I said six, didn't I? Well, this one has been hanging over my head since April of 2014. I had not stitched for probably 15 years when retirement was rolling around. I saw this heron and at about the same time "our little heron" that we have name Hank Heron (Paul Allen named him after Hank Aaron) came to hang out in our bayou daily. He has been here ever since. My thoughts were, "Oh, this will be a nice one to do in honor of our lives on the bayou." What I didn't consider was how really large it is. It is 26 X 22 inches. The stitch count is over 87,500. I could stitch every day for YEARS and never finish.
I know because I pulled it out yesterday and timed myself stitching some of it. It was decided that one would go to the NEVER EVER stitching pile.
I think that one was just an example of what I thought retirement might be and what it actually is. I love being home, but I want to spend my days doing family and things I really enjoy.

It has also made me ponder whether I really want to learn to smock or maybe spend the time cross stitching something special for little Tucker.

For now, there are five in the rotation with the fall and Christmas pieces taking front runner status. I will most likely do the most stitching on those with the others getting some time too. All of this along with getting the Auburn house ready. We close on it Tuesday and will go up next week to move the cabin stuff in it. Pictures coming in a couple of weeks.

I get to go to the Blue Angels tomorrow after all. I thought I would be flying home from Haiti. Going to the Pensacola Beach show each July is on the top of my list. The whole family is going so I am one happy Mama.

As for Haiti, it looks as if we will go next July.

We went this morning to get gas in the boat for tomorrow. Captains Lemony and Gus led the way.

Hot even at 8:00 A.M.

That is all for today. Sorry for the long post. I keep thinking I will change that, but who am I kidding - that is probably not going to happen.


  1. What a fun variety of projects you are working on, Sandy! (And yes, I have a wonderful stash of old stitching magazines :) The fun thing about stitching is how everyone can choose their own fabrics and fibers to give things different looks. Your Summer Schoolhouse will be just as lovely on 28 ct. as it would be over one. I do things on 40 ct. or over one on 28 ct. so much because I simply can't stand stitching with more than one thread these days... Now and then I'll do it, but given a choice I'll pick projects where I can just use one thread. My stitching is so much neater and I do like small things!

    I'm glad your Haiti trip is postponed for a year. With everything you have going on in your life, it's good to have some time to regroup and get prepared all over again... Good luck with your new place in Auburn--I look forward to seeing some photos :)

  2. Wow, so many wonderful stitching projects.
    Happy Weekend with a lot of time to stitch.
    Best wishes Manuela

  3. Well that sounds like a perfect week to me Sandy!! I like the School house series too. I went to my LNS and got a new Halloween pattern and fabric.( October 31st by Brenda Gervais) I was in the mood for some fall stitching and I was tired of the Thanksgiving piece I was working on. I enjoyed smocking for Amelia but I ended up purchasing smocked dresses for the grand girls. I am working on a few Christmas ornaments as well. It is fun to do something that stitches up easily.

  4. Love all of your new stitching choices Sandy. I too love that schoolhouse series. Mary and I have bought the set and plan for it to be a SAL in the future. I did buy the called for 28 ct. and planned to do it over one. I've stitched alot 25 ct. over one with no problem so I'm hoping it will be the same with 28 ct. I too love using only one thread and my favorite count is 40 ct. over two.

    Enjoy all that lovely stitching. Glad to hear your trip has been postponed for a year. You will be much more relaxed going then. RJ

  5. I am looking forward to stitching the schoolhouse series and hope the over 1 is not a problem for me. I love the series and look forward to seeing your progress on it. I adore the sentiment on the Helen Keller stitch and some projects you have to use the fancy floss to do them justice. Love the photo of Lemony and Gus enjoying their boat ride!!

  6. Nothing wrong with long posts, Sandy! I personally love them!

    Time to regroup is wonderful and I'm glad your trip has been postponed. God's timing is always perfect!

    Loved seeing all that you are stitching and planning to stitch. I doubt if I could stitch on something different each day, but you know, when life slows down a bit I just might try that.

  7. Your boat captains are the best!

    You have got to be one of the most productive people I know! Love all the stitchery pictures.


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