Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Oh August

August is one of those months that I really never can quite put my finger on how I feel about it.  My thoughts of August revolve around two things: school and HOT.

I think August is the hottest month by far for the Deep South. I mean hot, y'all...hot and humid. The flowers are tuckered out because it is just plain hard to  keep enough water on them. If you go out and get in your car your are a hot mess in a second.

I think the reason August is just such a hard month for me to put my finger on the feelings is the start of school. I honestly never remember being wishy washy about August until I graduated from college and started teaching. It just took on a new meaning at that point.

School starts were the same for me all my life until I started teaching. When I moved to Florida all those years ago, we started later than I was accustomed to. Prior to teaching, life was carefree so August was putting in as many beach visits as possible. I fully thought of it as getting the most out of "summer."

Then I started teaching and August was a little stressful getting ready for school along with doing in the full blown heat.

I am sure those of you with August birthdays are thinking...you are a crazy lady. My mother-in-law's birthday was in August . Her birthday was a great celebration in the stress of starting school. I think I need more August birthdays in my life.

Anyway now that I have been retired for 4 years ( can't believe it), I am a little more of the mindset to get all I can out of summer. I am in that slow down time mode even though it goes faster than ever.

The heat however makes me long for a little cooler temps and then as marketers have really tried hard to move up the seasons. I find it hard to think fall with August though. Last year for a bit of seasonal decor, I decided to ease into things with sunflowers and then late August and early September with a few school things.

I have the same plan for this year. I also will use August to try and do some tidying up and projects in the house since it is so hot outside. I have quite a few things I need to tackle in the house and I really want to make something for little Tucker. Anyway working inside with morning and evening time outside is my strategy. We will see how it all works out. Hopefully, I can make August a productive month rather than wishing it away for fall.

I have taken a few days to go to the Auburn house. I have been taking care of a few tasks and gone to Atlanta to pick up Tucker's crib since no one but me had time to go get it. I have spent a little quiet time...TV off...just making lists and planning...resting my mind too.

I will share the remainder of the Auburn house towards the end of the week.

Here's to a productive August,

I will bring out August tomorrow instead of July. The year is really flying by.


  1. We have two August birthdays...Mother and Charles. School starts here next Wednesday so not so much babysitting for me. I have to ask a question about my hen in her nest with the eggs...everyone thinks it is a ROOSTER. Roosters are bigger and have a bigger comb. When I purchased the Prairie Schooler Barnyard Christmas I thought there was a white rooster and a red hen. Now I see Yvonne at Night Owl stitcher calling it a Rooster too. I am a Farm Girl and I think I know a Rooster from a hen. lol Anyways, it made me question my sanity. August is the calm before the storm here as we have several big events in September. I need to find more Sunflowers for my end of summer decoration. Anyway, time to finish some cleaning and I am making tomato pie for supper. I will post the recipe on the blog tomorrow since several people have asked for it. Hope it lives up to their expectations.

  2. Your sunflowers stitches are so very cheerful. August was always a mixed bag of feelings for me as a kid and an adult until I retired. Have an enjoyable last day of July!

  3. Both July and August are hot months that throw us into laziness. No point in fighting this. As they say, 'if you can't beat it join it'. School begins here in September. September is also the month of the high holidays, so the laziness of the preceding August is beneficial.

  4. Love your sunflower stitches Sandy. I loved August growing up as a kid because we always went down the shore for two weeks. For me nothing was better than the ocean and rides on the boardwalk. And when we got back it was my birthday on September first and I got to have a party before school started. I even couldn't wait to get back to school and see all of my friends. But, I know what you mean as a teacher there is so much planning to get the room and your plans ready. RJ

  5. Sandy, I was so touched by your comment on my blog. Thank you for visiting and for your encouraging words. Your blog is so sweet and I look forward to reading more. (I'm your newest follower!)

  6. Your August cross stitch photos are WONDERFUL!!! So cheery -- they make up for the heat and distresses that come with the month.

    This is well-written. While I don't have some of the concerns you do, we all have things that try to drag us down. It's so helpful (to me, anyway) so be reminded I've got girlfriends who struggle, too.

    Like you, I'm gonna make the best of what's left of summer here in August. Going to the beach tomorrow!

  7. As a teacher, my August is like most people's December. I'm dragging my feet like I do every year, but soon I will have a new crop of preschoolers, and my heart will grow 12 children bigger as I work in my element. I have amazing kids every year with practically perfect parents. Judy

    1. Good luck with your crew. There is nothing more rewarding than working with wonderful children and supportive parents. December can be hard too trying to balance both.


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