Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Auburn House

It is time to share a little about the Auburn house.

Both my husband and I traveled a good bit as a kid. Traveling is not really on our list of things we want to do upon his retirement. There are a few trips that would be bucket list items...for him it would be Alaska and Normandy...for me it would be Nantucket. Anyway big huge trips are not on our list of things we want to spend our money and time on, but we have always loved to visit our Alma Mater. It is just enough different in landscape from our coastal life. Day trips from Auburn antiquing or bike riding at nature spots are high on our fun list of things to do.

Over the past couple of years we noticed we spent less time at the cabin. We were either in Auburn or traveling and back to the cabin at night to sleep. We talked for a very long time about the idea of an Auburn house. As we verbalized it with the kids, they were very on board.

So, here we are looking forward to lots of fun times with our growing family. Plus, it is great to have a place that is a change of scenery.

This past weekend, we moved our cabin furniture into the new place, so here are a few pictures along with some thoughts for it.

I definitely think we need that Auburn flag on the porch that the previous owners had.
Also to the left you will notice the little side porch area I shared earlier this week. Behind that vine covered fence is the area I was sitting with the doggies.

Notice the part that sticks out on the left of the house...that is the dining area. You walk right into the living room from that bottom door and right into the master bedroom with the upper door. The upper porch has a really cool ceiling fan, so I put one of the patio chairs up there to see if we actually ever sit out there. It is like sitting in a tree house with the big oak right there.

Above is the side yard. The part to the right is the second porch area. We will need to add some chairs here. We are going to add a fence piece across this area too. It will come out from the side of the house and attach to the iron fence. The dogs will have two exits from the house and still be corralled as well as being able to enter from the garage to it. I didn't take any pictures of the very back of the yard. It contains the playhouse. 

The door where the steps are goes into the dining will see in a minute and the door on the left goes to the garage. I think we will get a fire pit like the previous owners as well for this patio.

Now for some inside pictures. I almost panicked when we started moving furniture in, because buying all new stuff is not part of the plan.

The living room seemed very small at first. I don't think it is really all that smaller than the cabin, it is more the location of the door (well, two doors to the room.)
It is also painted a dark gray. Now, I actually love the color...just wasn't quite sure how our furniture was going to look at first.

My collection of cross stitch pieces would actually serve as my inspiration pieces as I will explain later.

Oh, and before I go further....the house is fully outfitted in plantation shutters. Anything I might not like was overlooked when I saw those babies. They are beautiful. Someone spent some money and I am SO happy they did.

Now, onto the couch. As I said I was about to panic on how to fit everything in there until everyone got in there and helped me move all the furniture around. 

Turns out the couch would only fit on this wall with anything else in the room. This is an early picture. Also note the table...more on that later.

The chairs fit opposite of the couch kind of. Like I said about here I was a little bummed about how things were going, but it got better.

I decided none of my lamps were going to work on the little table (remember the tables). I mostly have a stack of mess on the built ins. The built ins are so pretty. I would prefer not to have them in a second home...stuff to dust. However, I am going to style them minimally and plan to buy nothing. I am shopping the house to style them on my next visit. I also have a floor lamp downstairs that doesn't go up very high to try out behind the red chairs.

Back to the other side. I cleaned up that area a bit and styled the top of my pie safe that did fit perfectly in the niche.

A close up of the top.

We are using the pie safe for blankets and throws. The jar on top holds some cotton stems and greenery that I bought at Kirklands. I am buying very little new. I have more than enough to furnish the whole house. I did have to buy a shower curtain and rugs and this jar with the cotton.

Now to the tables... we decided to paint them. I will show you more later.

Before we move on to the dining area that juts out, this wall has a door that goes out to the first patio behind the vine covered fence.

The bean bags fit nicely here and I don't have a picture but another of my cross stitched pieces fit on that wall.

Oh, and we will have to buy an area rug. I have one in mind at Home Depot.

Now, onto that dining area that juts out.

You can see that this leads all the way to the back door where the steps were that led to the second patio. Lemony is shadowed here. BTW, the dogs seemed quite at home.

The dining area looks out to both patios. Both opposite ends have full windows like you see above. 

We added the leaf to the table and that is our guiding point for the painting of the tables in the living room. In fact, Jeff worked on them all evening. They are going to be brown on the bottom and then leave the natural on top. Hard to see from this picture, but that is what the dining room table is. The table is not what directed the color choices for painting the coffee table though...

I was looking at the cross stitch pictures I had hung by the front door and they are matted in brown and gray. That is when it struck me to paint the tables brown.
 Later, Jeff noticed the table had a brown bottom, so we definitely had a plan.

I will share them later again. I think they are going to be perfect.

This is the other side of the dining room. The kitchen is on the right.

The kitchen from several angles. I used all my old stuff. Nothing new here.

Right next to the kitchen's opening are two closets and the stairs going up. I will share upstairs later. 

Going towards that back door is a small bathroom and one bedroom downstairs.
Mother gets first dibs on the downstairs bedroom when she is with us.

I will share all of the beds and baths later as well as the backyard.

Let me just say...I love the house. 
I think it will be perfect for us.

It is not what I even knew I wanted a year ago, but I have been praying about it and I feel it is the Goldilocks house and location.

I will keep you posted, because well, we all love house tours...right?!
This one will be a little minimal and different than if I lived there all the time. I will decorate most of it over time. Like I said, I have plenty to carry every time I go. Of course, I don't really want too much to clean when I go.

In other stuff, I really planned to do a stitching post last week but time got away from me. Believe it or not the non rotational girl has stuck to her rotation plan. I have quite a bit done on 5 different projects. I hope to do a post soon!!!

I also bought something for the grand baby's room. I knew Lindsay wanted this giraffe and it would probably not get bought if I didn't get it, so....
then I just simply had to give it to her today when it came in. She came by after work. 

Much going on... life is very busy. 



  1. Sandy, your Auburn home is going to be lovely. Thank you for the tour and sharing your new place. I enjoyed reading your ideas for it. What a super giraffe you bought for the grandbaby to be! Enjoy your Friday and the weekend!

    1. Thank you Robin. I am excited for that grand baby to get here!!!

  2. I love your house!! If someone rings the doorbell and it is me, do not be Plantation shutters are so wonderful I have had them in my last three homes. No need for draperies. I know what you mean about furnishing from what you have...we did that at Grimmwood. I think I am done there now that we have the recliners. I love the colors and the layout of your new home as well as the floors. The kitchen is the perfect size as well. We got season tickets to Tech games again this year so we will be at Grimmwood most of the fall weekends. I like that your new house is walkable to downtown....that would be a big bonus with all the game traffic on the weekends. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the house. I think it is perfect for you and Jeff.

    1. I am loving the new place as well. I think we are going make tons of good memories there. I don't often let the ugly head of comparison get to me at my age, but I will be honest, for a couple of hours I had an internal meltdown. I couldn't get a placement for the furniture and I just fell apart inside. When Jeff got in there and we found that things could work and settled me down, my senses came back to me. I want the place to be a place for the family to come and enjoy. I want to enjoy the process of finding new pieces that work to add IF NEEDED to be fun and well thought out, not a quick fix that I won't like in a couple of months.

  3. I love it. Love the house tour.

    I've long been a fan of high windows, such as what you have in the dining room. I like them because you can put furniture under them without blocking the light and view.

    Thanks for letting us visit your new place!!

    1. Thank you. I think we are going to really enjoy it. I did love all of the windows. I am a lover of light.

  4. Love your Auburn house, Sandy! If I were you I would use that top porch to sit and stitch on cooler days. I bet that would be delightful. And I do love a house with built-ins--being a librarian, I have a lot of built-ins in my home :) I use them not only for books, but for plants and displays of my stitching, too. They really add personality to a room. The shutters are wonderful, too--as is that gigantic giraffe. Lindsay is looking wonderful--I'm sure you are counting the days :)

    1. I think you are right about my little porch which is why I put the one chair up there. I love built ins and every room in my house except maybe the dining room has bookcases and lots of books. My children were readers as well and both still have bookcases full of books in their respective rooms which they don't want me to touch:) I am just hoping the built ins at the Auburn house won't be too hard for me to keep up. I am going to decorate sparingly and leave the books that we finish reading up there for the shelves. They will fill up!

  5. Sandy, I'm truly in love with your Auburn home. I think your plans are moving along beautifully and before you know it you will be all settled. I love all of those tall windows. What wonderful light will come into your home and it will be perfect stitching light. I know what you mean about dusting all of those bookcases but if you keep them filled with books and just a few special accessories dusting will be kept to a minimum. I bought a ton of library books just to fill the bookcases and it really keeps dusting down. One question...can the sofa go on the wall across from the windows and the chairs in front of the window or is there not enough room for the sofa on the other side? And finally, I LOVE the giraffe! He is so sweet and will be perfect for the new grandchild. Lindsay looks so happy...these are the special and blessed days. RJ

    1. I tried that sofa on every inch of that floor. I think the difference in the room vs the cabin is not size but the two doors and their locations. It would only fit on the wall I put it on. I did leave room to walk behind it and could even put a table behind it, but I probably won't. I just need to get some stoppers to keep it from sliding although a rug may help that. I am going to get a rug soon. It would not fit on the chair wall. IT was really a good bit longer than that wall coupled with the lounge part of sticking out too close to the patio door on one side and too far out to get to the built ins on the other wall. Over time, I may change out some of the furniture but for now we will go with what we have.
      I can't wait for Lindsay to get the baby's room done. She is after her hubby to finish painting it and her crib she ordered in Atlanta as we have NO stores here that sell them. It is in...just needing for the in-laws to bring it or them to get up there to pick up.

  6. Your new home is just gorgeous, Sandy. I too think about the cleaning portion as I decorate. Will this be difficult to vacuum? How many things do I want to detail dust when the time comes or dust around with an ostrich feather duster on a regular basis? I know you will have many good times with family in Auburn for a long time to come--congratulations. Judy

    1. Thanks Judy. I didn't know anyone still used a the ostrich feather duster. I really love mine.

  7. What a beautiful house my dear! I hope you enjoy lots and lots of family time here! Looking forward to seeing more of it and the cross stitch pieces finding their place in it!AriadnefromGreece!

    1. I have a place to put some larger pieces now! I had kind of started stitching smalls only, but now ---I can think bigger:)


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