Saturday, July 28, 2018

A Stitching Update Post

I have pretty much stuck to my rotation for two weeks. First time ever. I am usually a one project girl. I think I still am, but I am giving it a whirl until one just calls me to finish.

Here is where I am on my 5 projects...


I would be farther along with the shuttle, but I have changed the red two times. I first started in the above colors which are the called for colors. I decided they were too orangey. I tried another set and worked on them awhile only to determine they were too pinky. I went back to the original and liked it after I stitched it awhile

Helen Keller saying...

Christmas ornament...



I think the Autumn piece maybe calling my name to finish. I love this color. It is not as variegated as the spring and summer ones, but a great fall color. It is called cinnamon stick and that is exactly what it looks like.

Now, we can blame blogs and Instagram...namely Carol and Faye respectively of Stitching Dreams and Carolina Stitcher for my slight veering of the rotation. Yesterday, I simply had to try the Prairie Schooler Santas. I found a free copy on Pinterest. I am sure PS is not happy about that, but, well, I am using it to try them. I have looked at these forever and they both posted one this week SOOOO...I just had to try it.

Now, for a bit of other stuff. I love to see what others are doing. I was away from stitching for a long time and upon returning to the greatest hobby I found that much has changed. I love to quiz my stitching friends on what they do. I have learned so much from each of you.

I have to say I tend to fall back on my old tried and true methods, but I want to know if there are other things I would like better.

On the Prairie Schooler Santa, I am trying 40 count doing one over two. Whew! It is tiny. I had to use the hoop to help with the seeing the holes.
I have been trying the no hoop method. I find it a bit hard...haven't given it up yet, though. I have used the Q snaps for some projects especially those when the entire piece fits in the snaps and I don't have to undo them.
I honestly tend to fall back on the hoop because it is what I learned on way back in 1980.

My favorite tool is the line keeper. You place the pattern on the magnetic board and then use the magnet to hold your place. I almost always get off count without it.

Keeping it up this week and then we will see what happens from there.


  1. 40 count is of the devil in my As someone who needs a magnifier for all my stitching, I wish I had my old young I wish I could do the sewing method as it seems much faster but I have learned to stick with what makes me happy. I think the downside of Floss tube is that you begin to question your stitching, when before you just enjoyed it. I went through my stash this week and took out some things that I impulse purchased. I am trying to stick with what I like. Speaking of which, I have a bunch of PS Santas that I am not going to stitch and I will be glad to mail them to you.

  2. Sandy I'm trying your method too. I have always, always been start a project and then finish it. But, since starting the SAL's with Mary and making projects for the blog I was doing two at a time. But while I was sick I came up with the idea of doing seven at one time. I will do a hour a day on the SAL, two hours a day on blog projects and I will rotate five of the charts I have received from other bloggers until they are done. The lovely cardinal pattern you sent me is one of them and I have a good idea how I'm going to use it.

    I love 40 count and it is my favorite count to use. I have to wear two pairs of reading glasses to see it well enough but I truly love how it looks. I have stitched about 10 of the PS Santas and love them. Mine are on 32 and 35 cts and I've thought about doing them again on 40 ct. because many come out big.
    I love all of your projects and can't wait to see the progress on them. RJ

  3. Wonderful progress on your stitching projects.
    I never have stitched on 40count, but I will try it.

  4. I like the projects that you are currently working on in your rotation. I stick with 32 count fabric as 36/40 counts are just not enjoyable to me. I like my Q-snaps as I can't no longer stitch in hand. I enjoy seeing how stitchers tackle their projects. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Your cross stitch is inspiring to me, so I think I'll give it a try (after a hiatus of maybe 10 years). Been having a lot of trouble with my eye glass prescription (more correctly, with the optometrist!!!). But that will get remedied and I hope to be able to see straight to cross stitch again. But my work and projects won't be anywhere as fast or as detailed as yours.

  6. You're doing well on your projects, Sandy. I use a Post It note to keep my place on a pattern. I find them the most helpful when I'm stitching words or letters in and alphabet. That's where I'm in the most danger of stitching from the wrong part of the chart. Judy

    1. I like post its too. I saw the other day someone was highlighting the parts she had done on a Quaker sampler. I HATE getting off count.


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