Saturday, December 28, 2019

A Few Thoughts Today

This will most likely be the last post for 2019. I am soaking up these last few days of the year. I have been somewhere between knowing I need lots of physical rest and wanting to be busy busy busy around the house. What has transpired is a good bit of both!

After one of the months that I did the least amount of cross stitching for the year, I have been trying to make up for that the last couple of days. The evenings have been glorious with some stitching time. I have been working on the Quaker family registry each evening. I didn't think I would be able to do it at night due to the dark and subdued colors of the floss but I seem to have found my groove. I am off count of the border and think I know where it occurred - ARGH!

I have been in full on reflection mode as well as tidying mode. I have to say I don't have so much to declutter with the exception of that sentimental stuff I have spoken of before. I have hit some of the hot spots around the house and made a bag of things to take to Goodwill. The sentimental stuff is waiting on me downstairs and that is going to be a long slow process for 2020.

I spent half the day in the sewing room. I call it that it but it should be something like the --- "multipurpose room, the laundry room, the office,  work room, the catch all" --- you get the idea. Wow! No matter how hard I try to stay on top of it sometimes it just gets out of control. December was one of those times. It is now all clean, the desk is somewhat tidier, the counter is cleaned off, the ironing is done, and lists have been made to deal with soon.

So now it is time to talk about what worked in 2019 and plans for 2020.

Home Life

My cleaning routine that I came up with and tweaked this year has been quite effective. Doing a little each day is working for me at this stage of life. I still have some serious hot spots...namely my desk, the kitchen island, and my table next to the chair in the family room.

I am simply determined that I will conquer those areas this year! Not sure how but determined. If you lay one item down on that kitchen island it is over.

Stitching and Sewing

I did so much better the second half of the year reigning in that buying of patterns when I HAVE more than I can stitch. I got to the point I felt overwhelmed with it. I had made some poor purchases. I did feel better after I sold some on Ebay. 

With that said, this is the year of stitching with my stash. I really really am going to try and stay true to that. I have a list a mile long I want to stitch and have all the patterns to do so, so it is time to do just that. You heard it here!

I also want to do some crafty projects that I have in my project boxes and have put off for some time. It is time to bite the bullet and start them. I think it is about making a plan to do just a bit at a time.
After keeping Tucker this year, Jeff was quite good about giving me some time on Saturday mornings to just go BE in my "sewing room." I really think I should call it the "work room" like at school. I would like to maybe continue that.


I really am proud of myself this year. I made some huge changes there. I pulled those roses up. I gave away a lot of pots and scaled that down a lot. I love to grow things, but I need to have a doable amount and need to quit trying to do more than I can or fighting what grows in my area. 
I have been researching and having fun doing just that. 

My little garage pots are looking quite pretty for a late December day and all of it should survive the winter and move right into the spring.

Loving those white pansies this year. The key is lots of fertilizer!

And the ornamental mustard has taken off in the swans on the front porch.

Family Time

I am just counting my blessings here. I can't even begin to tell you the blessing of keeping Tucker this year. Yes, he disrupted my life, my free time, and the like---but oh what a blessing he has been.

I look forward to more of that.
I know that I have to devote a bit more time for Mother in the coming year, so Tucker will be soon going to some day care for some of the time. I will not get free time, but more time to see about her. I know that time is coming when that will take up a lot more time, but it is what it is. 

In this category, I have some goals mapped out for health and eating that fell off the cliff with keeping Tucker. They are going to be a top priority!

Faith Journey

Let's see...

Walking with and trusting in the Father is just that - a journey. I am so grateful for Him! I have no idea how people get through life without Him. 
I mentioned reading a book by Emily Ley towards the end of the year. I ended up reading all three of her books and they really spoke to me. The first one is a story, the second one is a how-to, and third one just really wowed me - a story and a how-to.

I want to watch my contentment level by being careful what I fill my mind with. Too much computer and Instagram, etc. can leave one feeling very discontented and edgy. I plan to do a little fast on everything except my blogs. I don't feel that way with them. In fact, the little blogs I read and spend the most time are filled with ladies who encourage me.

I like this quote form the above mentioned book.
" When we spend hours scrolling through photos and updates from friends on social media, we are foregoing the undistracted time with our thoughts and with our people that would happen if we just put our phones down." ___Emily Ley

I plan to keep blogging. Some noticed the header change. That was a total accident. I was playing around one night and well, I lost my other forever...gone into the dark hole. 
I will work on a new one. Not pleased with the one I have just yet. 

If you haven't noticed I have touched on the categories of the tag line for my blog. I am going to stay true to that in the coming year.

Almost to the end ---

I have a new planner. I always splurge on a planner. I am a paper girl and it keeps me in order. I know myself!!!
Anyway, this year I made a switch. I am just itching to use the new one. It is a different layout and the company is a local girl ---Emily Ley --- a Pensacola native.

Isn't it just the prettiest?!

I have no word for 2020 yet! Don't know if I will choose one. If it comes to me ---then I will have one.
Hubby and I are heading to the Auburn house tomorrow and staying a few days. I am so grateful for place to go for a change of pace. I know it will force me to rest. I look forward to stitching, reading, and resting. I hope to come back refreshed and ready for 2020. 

Does anyone else think 2020 sounds so "futurish"???

I am leaving you with the most precious picture from Christmas Day's picnic.

 See you in 2020,


  1. I love that picture! Cleaning... I need to work on a plan here since we don't have a cleaning person coming anymore. Our favorite quit for a full-time job and the one we hopefully hired was woefully lacking so I will be working on a plan to touch all the spaces once a week. My Google Calendar is my planner and I rush to just keep up with it. Not a paper person anymore. There are some beautiful planners out there, though! Happy New Year! Enjoy your respite!!

  2. Love the picture! 2020 sounds so far off and here it is! May you have many wonderful blessings in the new year!

    1. Hey Kelly, glad you stopped by. I will check out your blog very soon.

  3. Oh, but you've also had a varied year. Good thing you take a little time now.
    The picture is really very nice. I also have a picture of a great-grandmother with her great-grandson. Just so valuable.
    Have a good time and happy new year, Martina

  4. Like you, I am getting rid of a lot. In fact, when I was putting away Christmas things yesterday I totally put some things in the garage to go to Goodwill. I am determined to live a simple life this year. Like you I plan to do a lot of Stitch from Stash. I will purchase fabric and floss as needed but that is it. I need to get back to walking. I earn my silver sneakers in May and I hope to go to the gym with Marvin. He says they have a recumbent bike as I am not a treadmill girl. For some reason they make me dizzy feeling. I have put all my genealogy online and I am done with the Paper part of it to my nephew who is interested in family history. Just over all changing slowly. I like what Linda at Linda's life journal. It is time to act my It is so encouraging to have friends who are doing the same thing. It keeps me motivated.

  5. Sandy, I love that photo of Tucker and your Mother at the end of your post. Your post today has got me thinking about a number of things especially the decluttering/cleaning and being more mindful. Off to check out Emily Ley and her books. Enjoy your time at the Auburn house! Wishing you a peaceful and productive New Year!

  6. Sandy: I spent loads of time with my Mother in her later days when she was not feeling well I was there for her, I do not regret it one bit.
    I am sure Tucker will love being with other children, you must keep us posted on that front.
    I have been decluttering and cleaning myself, I love the feeling of the orderly look and feel.
    I love your Sampler, I did the same as you. I missed one count, thankfully it is a quick fix.
    Your pots look wonderful, we have rain and then snow today ick.
    That is a very precious photo of the dog Tucker and your sweet Mother.

    Happy New Year

  7. Awww... I do love that photo of your dear mother and precious Tucker, Sandy. There is just something so special about the oldest and the youngest in a family coming together, isn't there? It sounds like you are doing a great job of planning for 2020. I am with you on the decluttering (and my husband is pushing me!) so that will be on my list, too. The sentimental objects will be hard, though... I do think that after my mom and my in-laws are gone, that things will be a bit easier. We'll see...

    I'm so glad you've enjoyed your time with Tucker--as I've said many times, you are beyond blessed to have your children and grandchild living nearby. What I wouldn't give...

    Happy New Year, Sandy--hope it is filled with many blessings ♥

  8. That is a precious photo of your mother and Tucker. I like your plans for 2020. I hope you inspire me. One of the things I want to do is journal a bit. I'll probably keep it simple, but I'm thinking I might need a pretty journal like you have above. ;^) I also plan to get back to minimalizing stuff. We've taken a break during December, but I'm itching to start pitching again. Hey! That sounds like a good post title! 2020 sounds futuristic to me also. It was just this year that I started saying 20-19, instead of two thousand... whatever. I'm thinking the first decade was awkward saying 20-whatever, but seriously??? It took, me nearly another decade to learn to say the year right! Happy New Year, Sandy. I look forward to keeping up with your blog in 2020!

  9. OH Sandy, Your Christmas day photo of Mom and Tucker is precious! Tucker may have disrupted your routine but what Joy he has brought to your life. I read about an organizing idea that I try to use called Touch it once. I bring in the mail and immediately take care of it, try to do the same with laundry, etc...I still manage to have a cluttered desk though!! I keep on working on that theory!!
    I have no intention of buying new patterns but I know how that goes!! I hope you have a joyous New Year! Mary

  10. Your new planner is lovely! There's just something about a new planner that fills me with child-like anticipation for all of the good things to come. Have a happy 2020, Sandy. All the best to you and yours.

    1. You summed up a new planner well. I just love getting a new one each year.

  11. Love that photo of your mother with Tucker!

    This was such a good post, Sandy. Encouraging and challenging. I am nearly 100% sure my word for 2020 is going to be Diligence. I have fallen down in so many areas and I just need to get back to more diligence and self-discipline. I know my life will be so much more effective if I will pay more attention to this.

    My Nevada daughter gave me a cross-stitch chart for Christmas ... we will see if I can be diligent with that, too!

  12. I find that as much as I like holidays and gatherings and celebrations, I like the quieter times as well with a return to my routine and things falling back into place. It is one of my 'secrets' that I quite like cleaning and housework but have fallen behind recently. To much cheer :-) Anyway, wishing you the very best for the coming year, dear Sandy.

  13. Hi, Sandy, I discovered your blog about a year ago, I believe. I really enjoy reading it. You've listed some worthy goals for the new year and I'm inspired to slow down on social media, too, and even take a break from it all. Blogs are still my favorite source of online leisure reading, so I'll continue with that, including yours! (P.S. We have a married daughter in Bham, AL, whose husband is a rabid Auburn fan. Not sure why, though, since he graduated from the University of Memphis. But it looks like our grandson will be an Auburn Tiger someday!)


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