Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Ho Ho Ho

The days are short and I am counting down to the 21st when we can officially start the count to longer days. I do not like to count days but I like a little more light in the evenings. I captured my foyer the other night. I go out this door morning and night to let the dogs out before the garage is opened up for the day. Mostly it is because it a quicker route from the bedroom. I am just loving the addition to the mirror this year. Why had I not done this before?

No presents under the tree, but many are wrapped. Gus loves tearing up boxes so I don't dare leave them under the tree. I thought he would be over all that by now, but he has torn up one ornament. It was a heavy one and fell to the ground. Fortunately it wasn't one I was real attached to.

The presents are atop the pool table.

This sweet stitch by Meg replaced the broke one. I like it lots better!

Tucker saw Santa at Bass Pro.

As you can see he was very unimpressed.

So the parents were told by the elves to jump in.

The Christmas cactus is showing off.

I have about three more things to buy. I didn't go out other than to church this weekend. I tweaked my back and decided I needed a weekend of slowing down and rest. IT helped. 

I hope to finish before the weekend so that it is just staying home and relaxing for the remainder of the time. The family with the exception of the son-in-law will be off starting Friday since they all work for the school system. I know Lindsay is looking forward to her time with Tucker.

I have only worked on my family sampler and not much on that. I hope to get some stitching time in too very soon.

It is fairly quiet around here and I consider that good. Just trying to soak up some rest if possible with the early evenings.



  1. I love the mirror with the greenery in your entry. Other than wrapping a few things and picking up the pie order on the 23rd, I am just about finished. I still need to decorate the tree and have been dragging my feet on that one. Hope your back continues to mend, Sandy! Tucker is a cutie and he surely wasn't impressed by the Jolly guy in red!

  2. Sandy: poor Tucker, he looks like he wants to sit in the first photo then the second one broke my heart seeing his little face, it really is nice they let Mom and Dad sit in the photo.
    Your mirror is lovely, I do like the ornamental ribbons hanging there.
    My cat likes to play with the ornaments, she is getting better I use special spray now to ward her off.
    So sorry you are having back problems, get better soon.

    Merry Christmas

  3. I"m with you...I can't wait for the days to get longer. I still haven't adjusted to the time change... Oh, the mirror is so pretty with the greenery.. Meg's stitch is just beautiful!!! She is such a kind and generous stitching friend. Poor Tucker, he looks none to happy....You have a green thumb, your cactus is amazing...I had 2 flowers that both fell off....

  4. Oh, no! I hope your back feels better soon. No fun to be injured this busy season.

    Your cactus is so gorgeous! Love the Santa pics, too. We have one of our son crying with Santa, too. Rite of passage?

    Scout loves to tear into presents, too, so this year I bought a choo choo train to go around the tree. We’ve been running it sporadically to freak him out so he gives the tree a wider berth. So far he’s more curious than freaked out by it, but I put a few presents under the tree. We’ll see. Definitely can’t put any wrapped food gifts under there!

    I’m glad you like the ornament!

  5. I'm probably an odd ball. I love the early evenings of winter and turning on my porch light at 5pm. It just looks so cozy seeing houses lit up at night, so earlier evenings just means more coziness. lol That said, I also love the long days of summer and being able to run errands in full daylight until after 9pm. So, I guess... considering I like it all it's good for me that the change is always a gradual one. ;^) I had to laugh at the pictures of (and your notations about) Tucker and Santa. I can only imagine how scary all that Santa-ness must be to the uninitiated. lol

    1. I guess part of my dislike of the darker days is that here along the coast December is foggy. It is terrible at night starting around mid December. January is not like this. I guess the warm mixed with the cold making its way south does it. I try to embrace it and the coziness but it makes me sleepy. I am ready to go to bed by 7:00 each evening:)
      Tucker seems interested in Santa but not enough to sit in his lap. It is rather scary at this age.

    2. Ooooh... I can see how fog would be a whole 'nother story. I can imagine how sleepy-making that would be. It's really fascinating all the different climates we have in these 50 states of ours.

  6. I love the decorations! Tucker with Santa... better with mom and dad there! Always cute! Wishing you some peaceful time to heal and relax!! xoxox

  7. Oh, I feel the same way about these short days, Sandy! I am counting the hours until the days become longer again. It really affects my mood, my energy level, and my output.

    Oh, little Tucker with Santa. There is just something so funny about a baby crying on Santa's lap--but just look at him! He is a rather scary looking fellow with that big white beard and funny red suit. Glad he did better when Lindsay held him.

    What a glorious Christmas cactus!

    Sorry to hear about your back--is it feeling better yet? That's not what you need at this busy time of year. Take care now. ♥

  8. Your stitch ornament is so cute! I love the decorative touch you added to the mirror. May your days ahead be merry and bright.


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