Thursday, December 26, 2019

One More Short Christmas 2019 Post

This is a post for me to come back to next year at Christmas decorating time.

I am one that takes the tree and all the stuff down on the 26th. I grew up with keeping it up to New Year's. We had a real tree growing up and didn't even go out to get it until about the second week of December. It was cut from the woods or a local tree farm from 1st grade age until graduation.

I however wanted to clear it all out and get my house back in order before school started back and I still feel the need to get it all in order before the new year. 

As soon as I start taking it down I get a little sad that Christmas has come and that the year is almost over, but I get over it quickly as I work. Then it becomes a mad dash to get it all down and back to normal.

I am ready to rock and roll on the morning of the 26th.

A few thoughts on this year. I used only what I had but I did so many things different. I put many things in new places and swapped it all around. I probably should have done a house tour to remember it since I really liked it all.

That said...taking it all down today has made me think I might need to start thinking about doing less. I know the kids love it and really appreciate it, but I think I might need to scale down a bit. I think I might think about that next year. I have time to mull it over. 

It is all down and sitting in the front bedroom. Most of it is in boxes and ready to go into the closet, but I am taking a rest. I am slowly putting the house back in order. 

While I dearly love the traditional colors of Christmas I am feeling so peaceful with all my blues and greens coming back into play. I have pondered many times decorating for Christmas in a blue theme, but I never seem to do it. For the one thing I am not about to go spend a bunch of money to redo things at this point of my life, but I also don't think it would seem Christmasy to me. I think I am wired to think it should be red and green at this age.

However I did enjoy a number of Instagram images of different colors. The woodland greens, browns, and blues were the prettiest.

All of that to say I will be using what I have which is red and green from here on out.

I may not do as much next year.

Jeff scaled back in the yard a ton this year. He said he just didn't have the energy to put it all out and all was fine in the world.

I enjoyed our Christmas this year so much. I think I was mindful that all were here and Mother is here  because I have been around a good friend who is going through something hard with an illness in her family and then my brother-in-law with cancer. 
I was very mindful that I had many blessings. 

Today has been cleaning and looking at less because I don't do much decorating for winter.  A little will come out for Valentine's Day but nothing until then. The less is so nice!!!

I received a sweet snowman ornament from RJ at Stitching Friends before Christmas. I am going to leave him out in the kitchen for a while longer.

I don't think I liked January much in years past, however I kind of like it these days. IT is a new start and time in the house to just enjoy cleaning and puttering

Just some final thoughts to clear my head. Now it is time to start the thinking about what I loved about 2019 and what I want to work on in 2020.

At the top of the list for 2019 was keeping Tucker. Obviously!


  1. It is always good to look back! The stitched snowman is precious!

  2. What an adorable snowman ornament you were gifted by RJ! While I was still working, the Christmas decorations came down before the end of vacation. Well, that is if they made any kind of appearance. While the Christmas decorations are still up, this time between Christmas and January 1st has always been a time of reflection and planning for me. Wishing you a peaceful end to 2019, Sandy!

  3. Because we are letting our youngest son and his family live in our home (we are staying at lake house) while they build their forever home(their house sold in 13 days which was totally unexpected), my Xmas decor had been very minimal here. But I could stand NOT having a tree. So I bought a four ft tabletop tree and got very few ornaments. And they are all aqua and lime green to match my lake decor at house. One small decor tiered tray on island and a small lit garland on mantel. That’s it! And knowing that it will take me prolly 15 min to take it down and pack away just makes me giddy!!! I have felt so light and simplified this yr. have definitely decided yo cut back next yr when I’m bsck in my real house!!!

  4. Sandy: QWE take down the day after Epiphany the first week of January, I love seeing the lights shining bright.
    I am happy you had a lovely Christmas, the preparation is always what does me in.

    Happy New Year

  5. Well I am ready to take things down and I saved some boxes to put all the extras in and they are going to Good Will or a charity of some sort. I have to work while the will power is there. Like you, I am hoping for a simpler Christmas and less to put away. I am okay with it. Times change and we have to change with them.

  6. Love the stitching and the finish on the snowman ornament RJ gave to you. I'm saving the picture (as I usually do from your blog) for future reference and inspiration.

    Around here we (I) usually take Christmas down on New Year's Day, sometimes a little before but anytime after that it just too long for me. I love the red but after a month of it, I need a break!!!

    My daughter decorates all seasons and holidays with a beachy aqua, gray and tan theme. She carries if off so well and I love it but like you, I've got a lot of $$ invested in the traditional colors, so I stick with them. I have added some lime green in there to kinda brighten the color scheme up a little bit.

  7. Sandy: The gift RJ made for you is beautiful, she has a gift for choosing the perfect colors and fabrics for a stitched design.

    Happy New Year

  8. I always leave my Christmas things up until New Year's Day and then slowly begin to take them down--the tree is always last and will probably come down next weekend. I will miss it!

    Blues sound like a fun Christmas decorating theme! This year I've really been into red and white--more of the Scandinavian look. Just love the fresh, cheeriness of it and may leave some of the red and white decor out until after Valentine's Day if it isn't too Christmasy.

    Beautiful gift from RJ! I know you will treasure it! Have a great week ahead, Sandy ♥


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