Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A Midweek Pop In

I am sharing the stockings that inspired mine. Our sweet friends Cindy and Mike have hosted our church small group the second year for a Christmas dinner. Cindy does a Christmas house extraordinaire. It is pretty and quite a sight to behold. 

Without further adieu here is the mantle filled with stockings that sparked Jeff to think we needed something similar and then couple that with Paul Allen's shock that I would not want stockings hanging started this whole quest for some this past summer.

Here is the backside to the fireplace. The side you are looking at is in the living room and the other side is what you see in their large foyer. The home has a sweeping staircase near that side.

Here is one more picture. Every corner has Christmas on it.

I know I should have taken more pictures. She has an entire lighted Christmas village. 

Onto my coffee table which looks different multiple times a day with Tucker and Gus. I mentioned to Barbara from Sweet Tea and Sandals about a Santa praying over Jesus the other day. I ended up pulling him out for Tucker to look at. He hasn't tried to mess it up, but he loves my Christmas carol pillows PLUS the fact that the coffee table is sort of his staging ground for playing so at any given time there is an abundance of things on here or nothing at all. That could be why there is no Christmas home tour this year.

His little hand caught in the picture.
The Santa was something my mother-in-law had. She always had it out and I remember my own kids looking at it and so I kept it. I haven't pulled it out in several years. I think it is time to start using it again.

Oh my goodness, did I ever get some happy mail this week!!!!!!!! Meg from Live to Stitch sent me this AHMAZING stitched ornament  called "Blue Christmas House" designed by her. I mean could it be any more perfect. I think not!
Meg, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 It found its home on my tree.

This is such confirmation about blogging! I have met so many of you online and although I don't see you everyday like my friends of everyday you mean so much to me. I love my here and present friends but none stitch or love all of the things I do. I would be lost without y'all. 

I wish y'all could see my little Tucker right now. He is sliding a pot he pulled out of the cabinet on the floor and just talking baby talk like crazy. I don't know if he would be better in a day care with other kids or not, but he has made my year. 
I get tired - yes - but, he is so much entertainment.
I have been so blessed to watch him.

I will be back later in the week with a quick stitch finish. I am doing one for Mother to use as a gift. 

Until then another little snippet of home. I had been putting my real vintage tree in the sewing room, but this year it is finding its home in the kitchen where it is lit each evening and today because it is cloudy.



  1. We just got home and I had that pretty ornament waiting on me too Sandy!! Is Meg the sweetest or what???I have so many cards from blog and stitching friends. Marvin was amazed at all the good tidings. I love those stockings on your friend's mantel. Give that Tucker a kiss from me. Charles says Josh has a cold and cough....poor baby. He looked pretty miserable. He just needs some Nana love.

  2. Oh my! That's a lot of stockings your friend has made! They are gorgeous. And how sweet that you've gotten some happy mail from Meg. That is a lovely cross stitched ornament. This post makes me think... sometimes I feel funny telling some of my "in person" friends that I blog because I don't think they quite get it. And that's totally okay because it's not for them that I blog. I began blogging for myself - as a writing outlet, and then I met so many creative folks online and it became about connecting and sharing creative things with them. And experiencing the encouragement that we all can give each other. That's pretty much where my enthusiasm for blogging comes from now. BTW, this post reminds me that I have intended to get out a ceramic tree (similar, but different from yours) to brighten up a bathroom. Enjoying your Christmas posts, Sandy!

    1. I feel the same way about my "in person" friends and blogging. They wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much and I began much the same way. I have room for both the "in person" and "blogging" friends. They each fill a spot and I hope I do for them as well.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful Christmas delights!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. MY GOODNESS. I can hardly believe how many stockings are hung! Yet they look so cool. I LOVE the stockings you stitched back in the summer. . . honestly, you make me want to pick up cross-stitch again!

    I just love that Meg sent you that ornament. YES, I truly believe that online friendships are "real" friendships, thank God. I so hope I get to meet you someday!

  5. Why don't you want stockings hanging? 🙂 Love the little white tree!

  6. Sandy: I have to say I love the lit ceramic tree, it reminds me of one my Mother did way back in the 70s.
    The decorations at your friends home are amazing.
    Megs gift to you is beautiful, the finishing is lovely.
    On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we have a Santa stand in the front of the pews with a Baby Jesus, we all walk up one at a time and either kiss the feet or touch his feet before leaving Church, it is very emotional for many of us, I will post another photo this Christmas of him doing so.

    Merry Christmas

  7. Hello Sandy. I have a ceramic tree, same vintage my Mother-inLaw made years ago, but it's green. Doesn't have as many lights as yours; but I put it up every year. Your church friends house........OMG!Looks like a house that should be on a magazine. What do people do with these lavish huge homes now days. I think I counted 19 stockings. I used to put up 3, one for hubby, my darling daughter, and me. Stopped doing that at some point...think maybe the homemade stockings were getting a little long in the tooth. Your Santa is perfect. A co-worker's husband was very skilled with his hands and made a wooden one, quite similar that stood outside their house year after year with a spot light on it. I think it's a nice blending of traditions. As a fellow Sandy, spotted you on a mutual friends blog and decided I should stop over and wave hello. It's always fun to meet new bloggers. I will add your blog to my blog lot. You mentioned home group, which church do you belong to?

    1. Sandy, for some reason your comment didn't show up in my email. I will pop over to your blog. Thanks for stopping in. My friend has stockings for all kids and grandkids so it is a lot of stockings indeed.
      I attend Beachside Community Church in Fort Walton Beach. We are a network church of Northpoint in Atlanta. We love it and instead of traditional Sunday school on Sunday mornings we have adult small groups in homes during the week.

  8. What a beautiful double-sided fireplace your friend has! I love the ceramic tree and that Santa praying over the baby Jesus is precious. What a beautiful ornament you received from Meg!

  9. I love the little cross-stitch cushion, Sandy, and all the decorations. Happy Holidays.

  10. I received that same ornament from sweet Meg, Sandy! I wonder how many she stitched? Can't get over the fact that she designed that darling piece, too--she is very talented!

    Yes, blogging friends are real friends--sometimes it is easier to confide in someone you've never met than a real-life friend for some reason :) Happy to call you my friend!


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