Monday, December 9, 2019

A Little Bit of Everything

I have read all of your comments but I must say I have not been very good about responding. Last week most of those posts were written ahead of time and scheduled, otherwise I would have never gotten that many out in one week. Last week was such a busy week. I think I had somewhere to go for someone else everyday. Even Tucker got tired of not being home. We survived and this week should be a wee bit easier. 

I have been stitching but not nearly as much. I had all these Christmas plans but it just wasn't working so I pulled out something I was going to work on in January. Catherine at I Love to Stitch  gifted me a Quaker Family Registry sampler. My intention is to use the called for colors but make it a personal sampler to go on my wall in the Auburn house. I have the border all done and have started with the flowers. 

I can only stitch in the day on this one right now as the linen is dark as well as the colors and December is just not my fave month with no light so early. Does anyone else want to go to sleep at 6:00? If Christmas wasn't in December I have no idea how I would survive without light. I am a creature who craves sunlight. I actually like winter in some ways because it makes us slow down, but I need more light.

At night, when I am not running around shopping, wrapping gifts, or reading I have stitched on some Christmas ornaments. 

I am in that mode where as I am doing my daily cleaning chores I have to resist moving into my January cleaning out deeply. Seriously, December is not the month for that, but I am ready.

I have read so many inspiring books lately. I ended up reading all three of Emily Ley's books and they have me revved up for 2020.
More on that in just a bit.

I am not doing a Christmas house tour this year, because for the most part nothing is new. I have all the same old stuff out. I will say I have moved some things around so the only pics will be of something different and they will be interspersed in just life posts.

I did put some pine garland and ribbon on the foyer mirror. I have never done that before. It was in my Christmas bins, so nothing new bought.

Across from that my Christmas cactus is starting to really show off.

Not only have I been trying to skip to January's activities when I don't have my Christmas shopping done yet, I have been so reflective lately. I am that by nature, but generally that comes a bit later in the year as well where I think about what worked and what didn't. I always try to improve myself. I always loved that I got two times a year to do this when teaching.... January because it is just the so called beginning of a year, but also summer when I was rethinking the school year. I still sort of find myself thinking new year then as well, but January has definitely stepped up its game in that department.

I noticed that my blog post numbers were way down this year and if I am totally honest I started 2019 thinking I would end the blog in March on my 5th year anniversary. That didn't happen! This year I am thinking I will go to I get a more definitive answer from the Lord to quit. I enjoy the process of writing and documenting the stitching and the housework, but I enjoy reading others as much as anything. 
I don't enjoy other forms of social media. I have never had a Facebook and most likely NEVER will. I try to like Instagram, but it is not the same as a blog.

All that to say, I will be here for now and that feeling has passed.

Onto a lighter subject...
Night view.

Day view.

Lindsay was worried I needed help wrapping presents, but they are all on top of the pool table. Gus, the Springer and wrapped boxes are not a good combination. 


I gathered the remainder of them. I have shared with family and neighbors. I have squeezed and frozen some and now I have a bowl to use for December. I think we gathered nearly 70. 

The weather is perfect today. Typical north Florida weather. Short sleeves one day and long the next. I am not complaining as long as their is sunshine!

That is it for now...
Be back later in the week.


  1. Fresh just off the tree oranges! Yum. I love your cactus and your tree is beautiful! I am glad you are still with us! I would miss you here!

  2. Your Christmas cactus is gorgeous! I wonder if one would do that well (get so big and have so many blooms) up here in our climate. I remember being given one a few years ago and it only ever had one bloom on it. Your beautiful plant makes me want to give that cactus another try. I'm glad you're still blogging as only recently discovered you. Your cross stitch inspires me, and your home decorating kind of motivates me (though we're not decorating for Christmas at all this year - for several reasons). I'm looking forward to decorating in the future, though! :) I hope you're enjoying the season. And yay for you for having gifts to wrap! I haven't even started shopping yet. lol I do tend to put it off...

    1. I am not sure about the cactus in other places. I do think it loves its spot in the foyer. I will say it is warm in there in summer and kind of cool in winter as I don't heat or cool that area other than to keep it so that it doesn't mildew in there. It gets afternoon sun and then I think the light thing is key in summer as it gets lots. I like to get my shopping and wrapping done early but that doesn't always happen. I am almost through though.

  3. Hi, Sandy! I like your blog header. It’s new, isn’t it? Your tree is so pretty, and your Christmas cactus is stunning. My mom used to have one, but it was mixed up and would bloom in July. Lovely lemons! I’m glad you have kept blogging. I’ve loved getting to know you through it.

  4. Hello Sandy,
    a nice new start on your sampler.
    Your christmas cactus looks great and you have a nice christmas tree.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  5. Sandy, I would be terribly disappointed if you give up your blog!! I feel like I know you although we have never met, blogging is like having an old fashioned pen pal. I surely hope you continue. I am not a fan of facebook at all, I wish I never had to open an acct but I need it for clubs that I belong to. Too many people use it as their main form of communication.

    Catherine is such a sweetheart and that sampler is lovely, I love the subdued colors.
    I am with you on the light....I find it depressing to have so few hours of daylight and it's been nothing but dreary here. It does affect your mental attitude.
    Your tree is lovely, I really like the skirt you have under it too. I'm envious of all those luscious lemons!!! I would be making lots of lemonade with them.
    Your Christmas cactus is truly amazing!!!
    Enjoy your relaxing week....I have been running around for others and getting nothing done here but I feel good that I am able to help out those that need it.

  6. I, for one, am so very glad you have kept up with your blog. Like you, I have had my times when I wondered if and why I should continue with it, but (also like you) I enjoy documenting my life this way. My husband reminds me, too, that I have a wonderful support group of friends because of blogging that bless me often (including you, to be sure!!).

    I love your house. You decorate beautifully.

    Sunshine. I need it, too. We lived in Seattle for 2 1/2 years. I went through an entire year of depression during that time, brought on by some issues I needed to settle in my spirit, but made worse by the many many days of overcast skies. I love that part of the country, but I learned with that experience I need sunshine!!

    It looks like we've got sunshine in today's forecast. May this be a blessed day for you.

  7. Sandy, I love the garland and ribbon you added to the foyer mirror! Your tree looks fabulous during the day and then at night. I had a chuckle while viewing your Christmas cactus picture -- it looks like it has grown legs. I so appreciate you continuing on with your blog. I know that it takes time to put up a post from beginning to end. Your sampler stitch is looking good. Look forward to seeing more stitches put in! Enjoy your Tuesday!

  8. Sandy: I love your decorating, it is amazing, that tree is so beautiful.
    I am happy you have started the Sampler, I personalized mine with both our parents initials and dates of birth plus our birthdates and initials.
    I do like to stitch when it is bright and sunny, up north it is a short day, I do want to go to bed early somedays.
    I am so happy you decided to keep blogging, I have thought the same but know I would miss it terribly.
    Your Christmas cactus is beautiful, I would like one but the cat thinks it is something to eat.

    Merry Christmas

  9. Hi Sandy, I really enjoy reading your blog, and seeing your great ideas:) I just came home from a road trip, so I wasn't able to keep up with the blogs while I was gone. However, I wanted to let you know that a few months back you recommended a book by William Kent Kruger called, "Ordinary Grace." I loved it and kind of got hook on some of his other books. But, during this road trip I have been reading, "This Tender Land." If you like "Ordinary Grace," I think you would really enjoy, "This Tender Land." Thank you so much for sharing this and I would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas:)

    1. Thanks Georgia, I will check it out. I don't mention books often because I have such an eclectic taste in books but I really liked that one.

  10. Sandy, I feel the same way about the lack of light--and I'm sure we have even less than you do up north. It just drains me and the difference in my mood and activity level on a (rare) sunny day and a gray dark day is significant. I can't wait until the days lengthen!

    Blogging has changed, but I'm glad I've met new folks like you and Arlene! My numbers are way down, too (I used to get over 100 comments on a post!). People have just turned to other places like Flosstube which I find tedious to watch. And how do you search for something you saw on it that you wanted to remember? It's much easier to search on a blog format. Hope you continue, but, honestly, I've thought of stopping my blog, too. Will probably do another year or two--we'll see :) I'm reading and always enjoy visiting you! ♥


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