Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Stockings are hung...

Thanksgiving has finally been documented so now let's move on to Christmas. Nothing new was added except the Christmas stockings this year. Some things have moved around and even one new idea but all with stuff I dug out of the Christmas closet.
I honestly haven't even been to any stores to look at stuff, but I decided a while back I had more than enough stuff and I wasn't going to keep buying just to be buying. 

With that said, I have seen lots on Instagram to drool over.

You may remember that I stitched them back over the summer after the menfolk in my life didn't like the idea of no stockings. 

Here they are with a no mantle approach.

We don't have a mantle so they are hooked on to the fire screen.  Jeff even went out to the garage and found some of the chain from rehanging the light in the kitchen that was a close match to the color on the screen. He took some of that and made custom hooks. They look perfect!

As you can see the tartan ribbon won out this year. The closest contender was the brown like above the picture. More about that in a minute. I think even a Christmas green would look good. I didn't have any, so tartan for the win!

Some closeups as requested.

We have two T's, so Tucker's got a little dog added all from the same pattern book.

You may have noticed the garland above the palm tree picture. That was new this year, but I had it all. I also moved around some of the things that I put out on the shelves this year. I made quite a few changes, but again with all the tried and true long time things of Christmas I love were used.

A wee bit of TV for Tucker. We don't leave it on all day because I like peace and quiet and yes those are my arm weights on the hearth. Keeping it real...I didn't even THINK about moving them.

I will share more throughout the month like I did fall. 

In other news, I have loved my new potted outside plants this year. They are doing quite well. I need to document what works and what doesn't so here we go.

We have dianthus and dusty miller in a three  of the five along the wall. I will say that I have been heavily feeding all of these pots after listening to James T Farmer's Instagram stories. I have learned so much from him. He does a story every Friday that he is not traveling and he is a wealth of information.

Note these were all taken before Thanksgiving and with the heavy feeding are growing still and blooming more. I also try to deadhead daily.

The other two pots have some foxtail fern, lamb's ear (which I am loving), violas, and pansies. I had almost given up on pansies, but the white ones kind of caught my eye and then remembering some things I had learned from the Instagram stories about them needing lots of fertilizer, I went for it again. The white ones are really popping from the drive and I am loving them this year.

That is has been such a busy week of errands. When I get bent out of shape about the many errands I try to remember just a few years ago I would have been trying to do all of them while rushing out the door schoolhouse door at 3:30 finished or not and getting it all done. I really can't complain that it interferes with house chores or stitching or walking or well really anything. Watching Lindsay try to do it all reminds me quickly that I am blessed to be able to help her. 

Working hard to keep that positive attitude. 

Anyone else enjoying Christmas music. Pandora has a station that I have just loved. They play two traditional Christmas carol/hymns, then an instrumental, and one fun. A perfect combination for this lady.


  1. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care is what your stocking pictures made me think of. I love the tartan plaid ribbon you went with for the stockings and well done to Jeff on creating the hooks. Good for you on making use of what you have for the garland and the d├ęcor. I haven't bought anything new in years which is probably a good thing because I really don't do much decorating. Your potted plants are looking incredible, Sandy!

  2. Love the tartan as it goes perfectly with your beautiful stitching. And how wonderful to have a crafty husband. Teamwork!

  3. Those menfolk... they like to keep us busy! I love those darling stockings. Not only were they hung with care but also made with care! Have a great week, Sandy and keep up your fantabulous attitude.

  4. The stockings are so pretty. And I think the tartan plaid ribbon was the right choice. And the hooks are awesome! All your plants remind me that earlier in the week I brought in the last of the potted plants I had outside all summer and fall. I think I want to get on that earlier next year - especially if I have to re-pot like I did this year. I've only been doing this for a couple of years now, and I'm not sure it's worth the effort, but it makes me feel kind of virtuous to preserve some plants over the winter when spring comes - that is, if anything survives well enough to be put back outside when it warms up. Last year I had mixed results. We'll see how successful it is this winter.

  5. I love the stockings!! I think we are all too busy about now but it is the most wonderful time of year and January will be here before we know it. Keep smiling!!

  6. Beautiful stockings
    Have a nice weekend. Manuela

  7. Beautiful -- the stockings are really lovely. Hanging them with hooks from the fire screen is very clever (as was Jeff to form those hooks for you!).

    As for trying to get so much done, I am learning new lessons with that of late. Our community is out from town, so it's a trek to get into the shops. I have worn myself to nearly a frazzle several days recently. I need to plan my ventures better.

  8. Your Christmas stockings are beautiful and I love the plaid ribbons. The perfect added bit of color. I am buying nothing new either and most of what I have won't be coming out this year. I'll have time to decorate the tree and living room and that's it.

  9. Love how your stockings turned out with the tartan plaid, Sandy! And what a great idea for hanging them in front of your fireplace even without a mantle. Loved seeing your outdoor plants, too--it must be so special to walk outside year round and see pretty plants flowering away! Everything is dark and gray up here... I sure wish we'd get some snow!

  10. Your stocking turned out absolutely perfect! I love the ribbon you chose.


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