Wednesday, March 3, 2021

A Picture and a Memory

    It has been a hard week. The weather hasn't helped my mood one bit. The one thing I am grateful for is that we had a spring like week last week and Lemony got to be outside. She loves the sunshine as much as me and was all for sunbathing. She had a couple of good days of that last week.

I am trying to get to the point where I can not be so sad and just remember the absolute joy she brought. I knew she was getting old, but the quick death took me by surprise. I suppose no time is easy though.

Paul Allen sent a few pictures one day of Lemony  and it brought back such a fun memory that I wanted to record it. He titled the next picture "The Dream Team". The picture is of Lucy and Lemony in a paddle boat both soaking wet which was what they loved. They pursued swimming in the bayou every summer with passion.

The precious pets and the boat itself brought back memories from time that passes way too fast.

I would say "Dynamic Duo" is a better caption for the picture.

They were both much younger and healthy and having the best times of their life. The paddle boat has a story that involves teenage boys.
Before I get there, I cropped the photo to get a little closer. Oh my goodness..both of them are simply adorable and doing what they love best in poses that fit each of them. Lucy at attention, Lemony laid back and taking it easy is just about right. Oh, and never ever forget a tennis ball for good measure. It is the front on the floor of the boat.

One summer evening this crew of boys came back home from an afternoon of water adventure. IT was football earlier in the day and jobs and then if they were lucky all off at the same time to enjoy the boat or wave runner. There is one boy from the "CREW" missing. He must have been working that afternoon.

Anyway, they came home with a beat up paddleboat that they claimed they dragged out of the sand at the back of one the bayous and pulled it home. It was blue. 
Now, I know they didn't steal it because despite the fact they gave many gray hairs they were not bad. I am sure it was lost and they rescued it. Now, deep in the sand. Who knows?

Either way, they were so excited and set out to paint it camouflage colors. They worked and I think they might have been covered in some paint and fumes as well from four colors of camouflage colors mixed to form some pattern that looked like a hunting pattern. IT was a sight to behold. 

You can see that their paint began to wear off in the pictures of the dogs.

Paul Allen is second from the right.

Jeff and I remembered the evening quite well. They later moved it into the garage to dry overnight and well that little paddleboat went all over our bayou for that summer and more

It was used by our church youth group. 

It was just a fun memory of times at our house when the kids were younger and they ALWAYS had friends over.

Sometimes I felt a little like I was going to go crazy, but I wouldn't trade those memories now for anything. Just to slow time would be nice.

The paddleboat was on the side of our house until just a few years ago when I saw a snake go under it and demanded it be moved. I actually have no idea what Jeff and Paul Allen did with it, but it no longer was going to house a snake.

Here is another sweet photo of Lemony's younger days. She was wet a lot and there was no use fussing at her because she thought when you were drying her off that it felt way too good and eagerly ran to the towel. I gave up trying to keep them out of the water. 

I kept towels at the ready by the back door and got tile floors.

Yesterday was the gloomiest day ever. Rain, gray skies all day. I couldn't concentrate to stitch or read, so I cleaned.

Gus was concerned about me taking Lemony's kennel box down, but it had to be done so I bit the bullet and cleaned. I took pictures of the family room and kitchen which I haven't done in a while. I tried to put a just a few touches of spring, so I will share them soon. 

I am convinced life is better with dogs. I miss each of them terribly and they hold such a sweet spot in our lives. I could write a book on each one. Sally -most playful, Murphy -most obedient, Lucy - most mischievous and cleverest, Lemony - sweetest and most friendly. 

I am trying to remember her good times without crying. I know it will come. Lots of pictures help especially those when she was younger.

One last thing, I never commented on any of the ST. Patrick's Day comments. I read them all but I am not going back. Many of you were more than kind on my last post. 
I found that I have some readers I didn't even know who seem to think my blog is worth reading. Thank you for your sweet emails and comments. IT helped a lot.

Grateful for pictures,


  1. Bless your heart. This is hard, I know, but I love that you have these happy memories and pictures to share. I can see why Lemony was so very dear to your heart. I love the story about the paddle boat. What fun! I would love one of those for our pond. (((hugs)))

    1. The paddle boat turned out to be quite a bit of fun for the kids for several summers. I am missing my girl, but I am trying to remember all our good times.

  2. Wonderful pictures, Sandy, and memories to go with them. Here's another ((hug)), friend.

    1. Thank you Becki. I appreciate that hug a ton.

  3. Oh Sandy, I hate the days and months that follow the loss of a dog. My heart breaks and everything reminds me of our loved pet. We lost 3 dogs three years ago. Our 2 yellow labs were sisters and died about 4 months apart. They were 14. Three years before this our son dropped his no longer wanted German Sheppard with us. He had to be put to sleep because of hip problems the same year our labs died. We were in love with him and his passing was just as hard as the labs. Our lone dog (3yo lab) moped around and was very depressed too. A year later we purchased a much discounted 5 month old male lab that someone no longer wanted. It took a while for us to get over our sadness but today we are crazy about our 2 labs. 6yo Mazie is a nut case...but she's our nut case. 2yo Olliver Hardy is the best behaved and non barker we've had in a long time. Time does heel the fresh hurt but that doesn't mean we forget our loved pet. Bless you. Patty McDonald

    1. Patty, I can tell you understand. Thanks. Life without dogs is way too boring.

  4. I'm so sorry to ready about Lemony. We lost our dog many years ago now, we have only had cats since but I remember how it affected me. We still talk about her today. They become such a big part of our lives and our family that it leaves such a big hole when they leave.
    Take care x

    1. Thanks Maggie. She has definitely left a hole in our hearts.

  5. Sandy, Such wonderful memories. I think the boys did a great job painting the paddleboat and the dogs sure enjoyed it! I agree whole heartedly, life is better with dogs and worth all the sadness at their passing.

  6. I love these pictures and I am glad they brought back joyful memories.

  7. Sandy, thank you for sharing the pictures and the story of the paddle boat. What memories to treasure! Thinking of you and sending a hug or two your way.

  8. Beautiful photos. The first one of Luch and Lemony, you can see the smiles on their faces.

  9. Hi Sandy... I hope things are getting a bit better for you as the days go by. I think Lemony was such a lucky pooch to grow up and grow old surrounded by your family and in that wonderful location of yours. I thoroughly enjoyed the old photos and hearing about the paddleboat :) Gotta love boys! Sending a big hug--be kind to yourself. There is no timetable on grieving as I've found out since my mom passed seven months ago. Take good care now ♥

  10. Sandy: This is such a sweet post.



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