Tuesday, August 17, 2021

A Stitching Finish

 I finished The Lord's Prayer stitch on Saturday. 

This was such a comforting stitch. I needed a break away from the regular stitching. I am usually a one and done stitcher, but I have allowed myself to get three large projects going and ---going to them with all that is going on in my days was just not happening. I had this old Bucilla kit for awhile. It just spoke to me and I decided I would stitch from beginning to end without interruptions. It worked for me in many ways.

The stitching was what I needed to calm myself on many days. 

It was a good sentiment to stitch and remind myself my Lord is in charge even when the days are long and a little more taxing than others.

I will frame it but I have to frame Palmer's name first which I hope to get Lindsay out and picking out the frame for that later in the week. This project will fit perfectly in an 11X14 frame, so I will be on the hunt first for a thrifty frame, but it has to be one deep enough to hold the board and stitch. I will keep my eyes open first in some thrift stores. I won't be in too big of a hurry.

I will start Palmer's Christmas ornament and stocking initial this week. I already have it all in a project bag ready to go.

I will hopefully get back to a life post later in the week. I have been busy busy busy, but I got an extra long night of sleep last night and feel refreshed and ready to go for another day:)


***Update on Lindsay for all my prayer warriors. She had her first physical therapy appointment yesterday. It was outstanding. Yes, she has a long way to go AND she has been doing some things wrong and maybe even added to her problems, BUT she now has a plan. The lady was magnificent. She has charts, schedules, real directions and a plan for the next 6 weeks. She will go every week for checks. She took over an hour with her yesterday. She thinks Lindsay will start to see some improvement in two weeks and it will take 6-8 to get some control back. She believes it is muscular and honestly I still believe that epidural is to blame for some of it, but we have a plan. My girl is hopeful and the kiddos are doing great.

Pictures soon.


  1. The Lord's Prayer is beautiful and I'm so glad it gave you comfort stitching it. So glad to hear that Lindsay has a great PT and has a plan worked out. Glad that the grands are doing well and Lindsay is on her way to recovery.

  2. The Lord's Prayer piece is gorgeous, Sandy. I am glad it provided comfort to you during this time. I find myself saying it here and there throughout the day. I am glad that Lindsay had a first good experience with the PT and has a plan in place. Continuing to pray for her body's healing.

  3. That is so good to hear that Lindsay has found someone to help her heal, Sandy. At this point hope is good and it sounds like there is a lot of that. A good PT can work wonders!

    Love your finish and I totally understand why it brought you some much needed comfort. Aren't we lucky to have a hobby that can do that for us? Praying for your mom and Lindsay--give those sweet grandsons a gentle hug from me. Such cuties :)

  4. So glad the physical therapist has a plan and offers Lindsay hope that this too shall pass. That stitch is just beautiful. Catholics say the Lord's prayer a lot and it is such a comfort. I am doing Christmas stitching this week. Hope to fully finish a few of those so I am not frantically finishing them in October.

  5. First of all, I am so happy Lindsay had a good Dr. appointment and that the therapy prescribed will indeed be of great help to her. I know she will be a much happier Mommy when she feels like she is in better control of herself again. Praise God! Now, for that Lord's Prayer stitchery...I LOVE it. That is so beautiful! If I knew how to do that I would do it myself! Can't wait to see it framed. You did that one pretty quickly, and I imagine you were praying the prayer all the way through as you worked it. Take care of yourself now, and try to get the rest YOU need to keep going. Blessings to you my friend.

  6. Beautiful stitch -- so inspiring that you could take comfort from Scripture as you worked on it. God is so good.

    And thanks for adding that update on Lindsay. I have been praying for her and am so happy to hear how things are going.

  7. Praise God for His Grace & Mercy! Prayers will continue for Lindsay. Thanks for the update. I love your Lord's Prayer. Well done, Sandy, really well done. Beautiful. Hugs & love for you!

  8. A great finish. I think you will find a perfect frame.

  9. Thanks for the update. There's always so much for us to pray about and it sure makes a difference when we care about each other. Take care of yourself too my friend!

  10. Sandy: Gods Blessings on the good news about Lindsay, please keep us up to date on her progress.
    What a beautiful design, I am looking forward to seeing it framed, and Palmers framed also.
    I find Prayer is always the answer, I am a Catholic but grew up with lots of Prayer and reading the Bible, not many Catholics read the Bible we did as did my husbands family, he is on his eight reading of the Bible.
    Have a wonderful day.


  11. This is such good news on Lindsay. I will continue to pray recovery goes well for her.

    Your stitch of the Lord's Prayer is lovely. You did a fine job on it and I can see how it would serve to calm you as progress was made. I look forward to seeing both it and Palmer's name when they are framed.

  12. Your finished stitch is beautiful! And that's very good news about Lindsay. What a relief it must feel like for her to have a plan - and renewed hope that her issue will resolve.


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