Friday, August 27, 2021

Saying Goodbye to August

 I am coming to terms with the fact that August has flown by. She may leave her mark though... More about that later. Yikes!

I sound as if I don't love September. I do though. September is a great month for our family and I love it even more in retirement. I am no longer stressing over school and get to enjoy the month without the other. It is a month of birthdays and an anniversary and then fall slides in. 

I love September and sometimes it seems like we need to throw fall decor out, but the past couple of years I have kind of slowed that down and just eased into fall. I love the light changing and like to spend a little time just staring down the bayou in the evenings...that is, if it is not sweltering in high temperatures.

I like to add a few things slowly and just kind of let it all fall in on me slowly. 

I have quite a few pictures to share. I will start with Gus who got his grooming; more like a shave only. It is ok since it will grow out fast.

He was just glad to be back in the safety of the truck. He got a little bow tie.

Jeff said he looked like he was wearing a suit.

I am still busy but it is getting better everyday. Lindsay is doing so much better. She still has a long way to go, but she knows that if she looks at it from day one to now there has been lots of improvement. She is hoping by the end of September when she goes back to work that she will be back to normal. The physical therapist has been so good. 

Palmer has hit the 1 month mark.


this is what happens...

Tucker picked out his clothes that day. They match so well:)

We went to the park one day. Lindsay captured me waiting on Tucker to get tired while she and Palmer stayed in the shade.

In another direction, Katie is carrying on my tradition with the palm tree. Jeff made the palm tree for me many years ago. I had it in my classroom really all except for the first few. It has been downstairs, but I asked Katie if she would like to have it in her room and she said yes. My only stipulation was that she make a picture standing by it for me.

Another Mrs. Palmer

Mother is doing better. I know that I have to face that she is aging. I have not really done that until this last illness. She can get really down and bounce back which she has this time, BUT each time they leave her a little weaker and a little smaller and a little more feeble AND while she is sick a bit cantankerous. I am working on getting ready to be helpful and not let myself get so down with it.

Hurricane season is about to ramp up...September brings that. I have spent more than a few birthday celebrations dealing with those. It is a part of my story.

This weekend one will be looming in the Gulf.

Gus doesn't seem too concerned, but the moment one enters the Gulf I am on high alert. I have lived this life pretty much my entire life. There is a process we go through. I have been a busy bee today washing every item of clothing and sheets because when one is out there that is the first thing I do. I don't want to be caught with lots of dirty clothes when the power is out. 

I am prepared in the way of supplies. I stay that way from May to October...just second nature. 

Then comes the boat and outside plants and furniture if needed. That is still to be determined. After that is wait and watch and lots of prayer. 

We do know what to do but it never makes it easy to deal with. For a few weeks of the year, it is hard but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. 

The longest we have gone without power is 18 days, but generally we can count on 10-14 days if we get a direct hit. The power is nothing compared to knowing everything is ok. 

Several of our neighbors on the street have gotten the whole house generators. They are quite pricey. I have not caved to that yet. We do have generators and gasoline to run the refrigerator and a fan or two. We do have a really small window unit that we put in one room and close off for sleeping at night. 

So as I say goodbye to August in the next few days I am hoping for a miracle and that Ida will decide she doesn't like the Gulf and just dissolve into nothing. IF not that, may she be a quick mover and weaker than expected for whoever gets her. Right now we aren't in the cone, but as I said once they enter the Gulf I keep an eye on the weather.

The news has been harder than ever lately....
I have needed to hug my family a little tighter and thank the Lord for my blessings.


  1. Big Hugs and Prayers Ida misses your area!
    Beautiful photos. Waiting for Tucker on the beach makes me laugh.
    Stay safe

  2. Praying Ida will hurry on past and not hang around a long time...and that she will stay way away from you. Palmer is adorable, and Tucker is also very adorable, even if he DID pick out his own clothes! I think he looks wonderful, and he must be so proud to be a big brother, and also able to pick out his own clothes! I love that the "new Mrs. Palmer" is carrying on your tradition of the palm tree. That is really special!!! Praying still for Lindsay and also for your mother. And for you caught in the middle wanting to be all to everyone. Please take time out for YOU, and take good care of yourself. Let others do more to help the others and give you a break whenever possible. I do understand, however... but still...if you don't take care of you...who will? God bless you dear friend. We'll be praying.

  3. Keeping an eye on Ida too, but she does seem to be west of us. I love the photos you shared. The kiddos are so cute! My generator is ready and I have gasoline. If Ida misses us, the next one may not. Like you, I wouldn't live anywhere else. xo

  4. Praying for those in Ida's path. I hope you and your family are kept safe. I have to say (on the heels of what you wrote), every hurricane season I ask myself, "How can anyone live where they have that kind of stress every year?" lol How fun that Katie is using the palm tree that Jeff made for you. What a great addition to her classroom. :)

  5. votre famille est très belle je vous suis depuis quelques temps ....j'adore GUS .... car j'adore les animaux ..... je souhaite pour vous tous que le cyclone ne fera pas trop de dégats et vous laissera tous en bonne santé Cécile en France

    1. Thank you Cecile. I am glad you commented and let me know you were reading. Gus is a sweetie and I am most certainly blessed with sweet grandsons. The hurricane appears that it is going to miss us this time, but to the west they are going to get a really bad one this time. We are praying for their safety.

    2. merci de m'avoir répondu - je ne trouve pas votre prénom ? je suis contente que IDA ne soit pas passé chez vous - vous devez respirer maintenant .... chez nous en France nous n'avons pas d'ouragan, cela me ferait très peur. Mais notre printemps et notre été cette année ont été très tristes sans soleil et beaucoup de pluie. Merci à vous - caresses à GUS il est vraiment très beau

    3. Oh pardon je viens de voir votre prénom SANDY .... c'est joli.

    4. I do try to answer here for those that the email doesn't come with the comment. I was trying to do both here and emails for all, but I have been so busy with the baby that fell by the wayside. I will get back to normal soon.

    5. oh j'espère que ce n'est pas trop grave SANDY ..... donnez nous des nouvelles- à bientot

  6. It is hard to believe that September is upon us. Marvin and I will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary on the 4th. Does not seem that long to me but math!!lol I am so glad Lindsay is improving. I think we all need to take one day at a is easy to fall prey to those anxious thoughts if we start thinking too far ahead. The same with Mother, we try to just take a day at a time. Looks like the storm is veering to the west as I type this...I hope it stays far away from my friend.

  7. Sandy, love the pictures of Tucker and Palmer. Hard to believe that Palmer is already one month! Thank you for the update on Lindsay and I will continue to pray for her body's healing. Beautiful picture of the bayou that you shared! Will pray for the people and communities in Ida's path. Thinking of you.

  8. While I always looked forward to bidding the heat of August farewell in Colorado, around here, it's a little strange. I'll take a blizzard in September (it happens there from time to time) over a hurricane in Florida any time.

    Gus looks great with his "suit" and the boys are so very cute.

    The news has been very unsettling and surely more people are taking prayer more seriously these days. I know I am.

  9. Sandy: Gus looks so handsome, it does look like he has a suit on.
    I am hoping Ida stays away from your area or at least calms down to just a storm with no damage.
    Sunisa lee will be going to Auburn this fall, we are so lucky to have an Olympian from Minnesota, it was a big day when she came home with a Gold Medal, the first Hmong American, we are so proud to have her here.
    Palmer is adorable, his brother surly loves him by looking at these photos, look at Poppy, he looks so happy with his Grandson.
    Katie is so pretty, super cute palm tree.


  10. So good to know that Lindsey is improving, Sandy. It's good that she has the rest of this month before she goes back to school. Will you be watching Palmer? He sure is a cutie and I love that Tucker picked out his own clothes. My youngest son was the only one who wouldn't let me pick out his clothes and he INSISTED on wearing his army camouflage outfit nearly every day... I think his preschool teachers thought I never did laundry :)

    Love that cute Katie in front of the cute palm tree. What grade does she teach?

    I hope you were spared with Ida. We had water in our basement after getting almost 5" of rain in 24 hours, but we were lucky. I feel so sad for all the folks in LA and the NYC area. Hope September is starting off well for you ♥

  11. Sandy, I am so behind in reading blog posts, trying to catch up this am. I sure hope you weathered Ida ok. I was thinking of you as I was up past 1am vacumming and dumping water from our basement. No complaints while I was doing it as all I could think of was the devastation in the South. We had a ton of rain in a short time and it caused major problems and flooding. Tornados in New Jersey!
    On to nicer things, I just love the photo of Tucker and Palmer. So sweet!! Gus looks dapper with his bow tie!! I'm relieved to hear Lindsay is feeling better and pray for continued healing. Katie is so pretty and love that she is continuing your tradition of the palm tree. Hope to hear you are safe soon.

    1. Well Mary, I hope you see this because for some reason the comment has disappeared from my email list.
      OR I sent your response to Carol. That is about how my mind is working these days!!!!

  12. Hello, sweet Sandy! I loved seeing pics of your darling family. What a cute story about the palm tree!
    I hope your week contains no storm threats!


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