Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Stitching Finishes

 I decided to do some quick stitches last week. I think with all the latest goings on, I felt a need to take care of some things so I wouldn't be rushed later on in the year. Typically, I like to do Christmas in July stitching but it just didn't happen this year.

I made a decision on Palmer's Christmas ornament and went to work. I wanted it to be similar in theme, size, etc as Tucker's but yet uniquely his as well.

I found the little bear on Etsy. It was a $3 download but had a whole collection of little small Christmas pieces. I felt like I would use many of them down the road. You can find what I purchased here. The only catch is they printed all wrong. My printer is in another room and I just hit print and then checked it much later. I had to cut them all out and tape some together so it all worked out just fine.

I used the same lettering and backing as Tucker's. The backing is a Ralph Lauren tablecloth that I bought on clearance at Tuesday Morning one year. I have plenty to do ornaments with and one of these days I am going to do a table runner with it. That has happened yet:)

When that was tackled, I grabbed a stocking for my collection of stockings to add Palmer's initial. I bought extras when I decided to do the stockings all alike.

Lindsay also went with to pick out Palmer's name framing. I can't wait for it to be done. Her selection was just so perfect. I really am so happy with how the boys' names came out. I think they will be able to use them in their rooms all the way to moving out and then will make a cute display for Mom in a guest room after that. It should be ready at the end of this month.

Is anyone else just reeling that August is flying by so fast? OR is it just me? 

Now, one more stitch to share. I purchased a frame for the Lord's Prayer this weekend for what I thought was a really good deal. I have pinned it in there and not finished but I will share it with you and then again when I am fully done with it. I decided to pin instead of lace after seeing an Instagram post the other day. So influenced aren't we?!

When I have a moment, I will check it and adjust and then finish up the back, but....

I am in love with it. It is just much prettier than I even thought when I saw the kit. I had planned to add it to my sampler wall in Auburn, but now I don't know. I have time to think on it.

I plan to do a family and miscellaneous post soon, but for today just the stitching. Everyone is doing better and for that I am so grateful for all the prayers. I will update on all that soon.



  1. Your Lord's Prayer is just beautiful! I love Palmer's ornament and stocking! What wonderful work you do! Keepsakes to be treasured forever. xo

  2. I need you to come and help me do some finishing.:) Yours is perfection!! Glad you had a day to play and get away from the world. Lord's Prayer is so pretty and meaningful. I would have a hard time deciding on that one's home as well.

  3. Two wonderful finishes for Palmer. The little christmas teddy is very cute.
    I love your frame you have choosen.
    Have a nice day, Manuela

  4. Love the frame choice for The Lord's Prayer, Sandy! Well done on the pinning job as well! Do you remember the IG account who did the pinning? Both the ornament and stocking for Palmer are precious. Enjoy your Wednesday!

  5. Sandy: The Lord's Prayer is positively beautiful, that is a perfect frame.
    Your ornament finish is so sweet, I love the plaid backing, a Ralph Lauren table cloth, it is perfect.
    Palmers stocking is sweet.


  6. The Christmas ornament for Palmer is perfect. You do amazing stitchery, and even when you've been sooo busy caring for the generations in your family! You amaze me, girl!

  7. Sandy, I think that frame you chose is just perfect for the Lord's Prayer. The stitch is beautiful. The teddy ornament is just darling. I can relate to your tablecloth runner. I bought a long burlap runner at 90% off at Michaels a few years ago. I just cut and sewed it to fit my coffee table. I was going to cross stitch on it for Fall but now I think I just might try applique, a bit faster! We have more plans than time! I loved how you personalized both names and can't wait to see the frame Linsey selected. I am so glad to hear all are doing better!


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